How to fix messages that are scrambled after installing iOS 11 updating on iPhone 6s Plus [Troubleshooting Guide]

There have been prior reports about some iPhone 6s Plus users complaining about their messages or conversations that appeared to be out of order or scrambled after updating to iOS 11. Why did this happen and what must end-users do in order to make it right? Read on to find out.

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How do software updates cause problems like scrambled messages on your iPhone 6s Plus?

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Usually, things like this can occur whenever something new is added into the system and that new add-on contains some flaws. In programming, this flaw is referred to as bugs. Bugs can comprise of incorrect or unstructured lines of codes that can mess up the entire system. A system is made of up multiple programs that are merged to serve a single purpose. Just like your iPhone that’s comprised of several apps. Without the apps, your iPhone won’t and couldn’t be the iPhone you have. This is how systems work.

System updates are made up of one or more program files (modules). If any of these programs files contain flaws or bugs, this is when post-update problems begin to emerge. In your case, the scrambled text messages or out of order conversations are the symptoms that need to be fixed. In order to fix the bug, programmers or people who created the software update will look into the transpiring symptoms and then make necessary changes to restructure the codes and make the program run as perfectly as it should. This is when new software updates with fix patches are created and rolled out.

But this does not mean that you’ll just have to wait until the next update is rolled out as some bugs don’t really need a new update in order to get fixed. So instead of waiting, why not try some workarounds to get the problems solved on your end? If ever you need in getting started, here are some inputs on where to start and what to do. Below is a rundown of all possible solutions to fix the problem on scrambled messages on your iPhone 6s Plus. Some people have found remedy from these workarounds and so it won’t hurt if you’d give it a try as well.

Potential solutions to scrambled messages on iPhone 6s Plus after the iOS 11 update

If you just have the new update installed, turn off your iPhone then give it about 5 minutes off before restarting. This gives it more than enough time to resume or reset all functionalities. It could take longer for your iPhone 6s Plus to process and adapt with the new platform installed so it may not be able to work as intended immediately even after the update progress bar is complete. If that doesn’t work either, then here are some other options for you to try on. Be sure to check your messages after performing each workaround so that you’ll know when to stop troubleshooting.

Quit Messages and do a soft reset.

Restarting the Messages app can help refresh the app’s functions and features. That said, quit the Messages app by pressing the Home button twice and then swipe up the Messages app preview to close it. This should be followed by a soft reset to refresh your iPhone too.

To perform a soft reset on your iPhone 6s Plus, press the Power button for a few seconds until the Slide to Power off screen appears. Drag the slider to power off your device completely. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

Verify and manage date and time settings.

While setting the date and time to automatic is recommended, sometimes doing so can cause conflict especially in certain circumstance. If you own several Apple devices using the same Apple ID, make sure that the date and time on each of your devices is exactly the same. If automatic date and time settings don’t mirror the same time per each device, then you can set the date and time manually for each device instead. Doing so will ensure correct timestamps on your messages.

To set the date and time manually, go to Settings-> General-> Date & Time, then tap the date and time fields to change the date and time manually on your device.

Meanwhile, if the problem occurs with your iPhone date and time settings manually configured, then try to select the Set Automatically option instead.

To do so, head over Settings-> General-> Date & Time, then select the option to Set Automatically.

Force your iPhone 6s Plus to restart.

If your text messages or conversations are still out of order after you reconfigured the date and time settings, force your iPhone to restart. Doing so forcibly quits all running and crashing apps and files thus giving your device a clean fresh start.

A forced restart won’t affect any of your saved data on your iPhone 6s Plus and is done by pressing the Power button for about 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears.

Once your iPhone boots up completely, try to check your messages and see if the problem is fixed.

Toggle SMS and MMS Messaging off and on.

Some people have found remedies by resorting to this workaround. This can help refresh your iPhone’s SMS and MMS messaging functions.

  1. To do so, head over to Settings-> Messages-> disable the option to Send as SMS and MMS Messaging.
  2. Restart your phone then go back to Settings-> Messages-> and then tap to enable the Send as SMS and MMS Messaging options again.

See if that fixes the problem and puts your messages and conversations back in order.

Reset network settings on your iPhone 6s Plus.

Sometimes, network errors can adversely affect the phone’s messaging functions for both iMessage and standard messaging features. Network errors may occur due to incorrect settings configuration. Software updates, especially major updates can override your current settings hence it’s possible that some options were altered. Now the thing is that it would be difficult for you to trace which from among your network options are affected. So as resolution, you can just go for a network settings reset then set up and reconfigure your network options instead.

To do so, go to Settings-> General-> Reset-> Reset Network settings.

This will delete all your current network settings including network names and passwords so take note of this information beforehand as you will need it later when you set up your network again.

Your iPhone will reboot when the network settings reset is finished. After the reboot, verify and ensure that iMessage, Send as SMS and MMS Messaging options are turned on.

Restore or reset your iPhone 6s Plus.

If none of the prior workarounds is able to fix the problem and that your messages are still out of order or scrambled, then at this point you may consider a full system reset or restore. You may opt to restore to a previous iOS backup that’s stable and error-free or reset your iPhone to factory defaults. Either you do these or wait for Apple to rollout the next iOS version with a fix patch. Should you wish to take your chances and proceed with a system restore or reset, be sure to back up all your critical data for safekeeping. Note that all your information and current settings will be erased in the process.

To restore to a previous iOS version (downgrade), you will need to use iTunes on your computer. Make sure you’re running the latest iTunes version to avoid having system conflicts in the process. Then connect your iPhone to your computer with the supplied USB connector or Lightning cable, wait for iTunes to recognize your iPhone, select your iPhone in iTunes, then follow the onscreen instructions to restore to a previous iOS backup. If you opt for a factory reset, then select the option to reset your iPhone 6s Plus in iTunes and then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the system reset.

Seek more help

Most software problems affecting iOS devices including post-update errors (like the one you’re dealing with your SMS messages that are scrambled) are usually resolved by either an iOS restore or factory reset, so hopefully you’ll get the same positive output from doing so. Otherwise, you’re going to need more help. If the problem continues after the system restore or reset, contact Apple Support or your carrier to escalate the issue and seek further recommendations. Unfortunately, nothing more can be done on your end to fix the problem.

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