How to fix my iPhone 6s Plus that won’t sync music with iTunes, getting error -5000, -69, 13010, 13014 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Aside from iOS update and restore, another important use of iTunes is downloading and management of multimedia contents like music files on an iOS device. Aside from music, you can also use iTunes to sync other files like videos, photos, TV shows, and more. When you sync your iPhone with iTunes, contents on your iPhone will match the contents in your iTunes library on your computer. One of the important requisites in syncing contents with iTunes is iCloud. You will need to use your iCloud account to keep your contents automatically updated on all your devices. It is also another way of backing up contents for safekeeping.

Syncing contents on your iPhone 6s Plus with iTunes is supposed to be simple and quick. But for some reasons, errors occur and halts the syncing process. Among the iTunes errors that often manifest when syncing music and other contents on your iPhone with iTunes are errors -5000, -69, 13010, 13014. These error codes pertain to a relevant issue with iTunes syncing.

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Possible causes of syncing errors in iTunes

One of the possible reasons as to why you won’t be able to sync your iPhone contents with iTunes is a security program installed on the computer. Antivirus, firewall, and other security tools running on the computer may have interfered the syncing process, thus it couldn’t be completed. The software might have seen some possible threats to the computer system the moment your iPhone is connected as an external device. Security programs are designed to keep all security threats at bay. Thus, it is just normal for it to deny or halt the syncing process with iTunes the moment it perceives possible threats on your iPhone device.

Some cases where iTunes won’t be able to synchronized contents with an iOS device due to an out-of-date system. This is likely the case if you still haven’t updated your iTunes software or operating system on the computer. It is possible that either your computer OS or iTunes program failed to meet the minimum system requirements for your iPhone software.

There are also certain files that just couldn’t sync with iTunes including mail accounts, notes and bookmarks. These files can be managed across your devices using iCloud instead.

Recommended Solutions and Workarounds

Problems on syncing files with iTunes are tagged among other software-related issues on the iPhone 6s Plus. This means that you can get the problem fixed without having to take your iPhone to a technician and pay for service charge. If you happen to encounter any of the aforementioned iTunes errors and couldn’t sync music contents from your iPhone to iTunes, then you may refer to the following solutions.

First Solution: Manual syncing.

Instead of syncing contents automatically, try to do it manually. Here’s how:


  • Open iTunes on the computer.
  • Connect your iPhone 6s Plus to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Once the computer detects your iPhone, your device will show as an icon on the upper-left corner of the iTunes screen. If you don’t see this icon,  disconnect your iPhone from the computer, restart your computer, and then reconnect your iPhone. Also make sure that your iPhone is turned on.
  • Click on the device icon [iPhone 6s Plus icon].
  • Navigate to Settings on the left side of the iTunes screen to view a list of the content types you can sync from your iTunes library to your iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Click the content or file type you want to sync.
  • Navigate to iTunes main screen then click the box next to Sync. Doing so will turn on syncing for the selected content or file type. If you see a check in the box, then it means that syncing is already enabled for that content.
  • If after clicking the box you are prompted with a message saying that your iPhone 6s Plus is synced with another iTunes library, it means that your iPhone was previously connected to another computer. Click Erase and Sync in that message to replace all contents of the selected type on your iPhone with contents from your computer. Please note that you can only sync your iOS device with one iTunes library at a time.
  • After enabling syncing for a content type, you will see more options you can use to customize your sync settings. You can use these options to ensure that you’re syncing the correct contents.
  • Once you’re done selecting all content types that you want to sync click the Apply button located on the lower-right corner of the screen. Doing so will save your sync settings.
  • If syncing does not start automatically, click the Sync button.


After you turn on syncing, your contents should sync each time you connect your iPhone 6s Plus to the computer and then open iTunes. Also be sure to verify that your computer is authorized for the contents that you are trying to sync otherwise, some of your contents couldn’t sync. You will need to authorize your computer so as to grant permission to access contents like apps, audiobooks, books, movies, and music files. You can authorized up to five computers in iTunes.

Second Solution: Manage and combine files in your iTunes library.

It is recommended to store relevant files in a single location in your iTunes library. Doing so will correct permissions and simplify the syncing process. For example iTunes library files should be stored in your iTunes folder. File path or directory may vary depending on the operating system of the computer you are using.


  • For Mac computers, navigate to Go-> Home-> Music-> iTunes.
  • For Windows 7 or later versions, go to C:\Users\username\MyMusic\iTunes\. Windows Vista and XP are no longer supported by iTunes 12.2 or later versions. If necessary, upgrade your computer OS to a later or latest version.


Third Solution: Configure security software on your computer.

Given that security software are listed among the common culprits, you may try to reconfigure them or disable them temporarily until you’re done syncing contents with iTunes. Doing so will ensure that no security software is barring your iPhone from communicating with iTunes.

For further assistance in configuring security software settings, contact the security software vendor or developer.

Fourth Solution: Sync one music or file at a time.

Simultaneous syncing of multiple contents can also lead to errors. Some files may get corrupted or just too large for iTunes to process. As much as possible, try to sync one content at a time. Doing so will likewise help you determine whether the problem is isolated to the content you are trying to sync. Some contents are corrupted and therefore couldn’t sync with iTunes. Alternatively, you can just download the music or content directly to your iPhone 6s Plus.

If iTunes couldn’t find the file to sync, you will be prompted with an exclamation point next to the music file in iTunes. To fix this, locate the correct location of the selected file and specify the file path or directory instead.

Here’s how it’s done:


  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • In iTunes, select the file or content that has the exclamation point next to it. This is the file that iTunes couldn’t find.
  • Navigate to the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of iTunes screen, click Edit->Get Info.
  • Click Locate if prompted to locate the file.
  • Navigate or specify the location where the file is stored. If you don’t know the file’s exact location, try to search for it using the Search functions of your computer and then enter the name of the file to search. If the file is stored on an external device or network drive connect your device to the external drive.
  • Once you have recovered the file, use Get Info again to trace the file and then point iTunes towards the correct location.


If the problem persists and you still couldn’t synced your iPhone 6s Plus music or other contents with iTunes, then consider your next option that is to escalate the problem to Apple Support. A more advanced tool might already be necessary to further troubleshoot and fix the problem and get rid of these errors.

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