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47 Replies to “iPhone Troubleshooting Mailbag”

  1. i was using my phone and unexpectedly shut down but the battery was 89% charged. Since the shut down, it cant charge and wont turn on and lastly have tried all the soltion procedures and still wont work. i usually go to swimming pool with it meaning i take pictures under the pool and other stuffs. i dont know wat to do anymore so please help me. thanks

  2. My iphone 7 keeps asking me to update my apple id settings. I have changed my password but it won’t accept it. I also have difficulties sending and receiving text messages.

  3. My Apple iPhone 6 select charger and also when I charged it to 100% it will discharge while not even using it

  4. my iphone 7 keep restarting out of nowhere. I also couldn’t charge it as usual. I been charging it for the whole night and only managed to complete less than 40%. I have tried the technique like update all the apps and pressing volume down button concurrent with the power button but still not work. please help me.

  5. Please help as I am 70 years old & needed medical assistance recently. No one can ever hear me when making a call as conversation breaks up. My carrier reception has been checked as perfect. This problem occurred suddenly months ago on my new iOhone 7 Plus.

  6. My iPhone 8 Plus won’t charge and I’ve tried everything. I restart it a lot, tried many different cables, adapters, and plug in locations. I don’t have a wireless charger, but that might work. I don’t know what’s going on, this is a brand new phone, it has no water damage and as far as I can tell there’s nothing in the charging port.

  7. My IPhone camera has a broken camera exposure (as some people tell me) and Everytime I go to take a photo, no matter how steady and non- shaky my phone is it shakes a little. And when I take a photo even if it isn’t shaking I go to Looks at the photo and It looks like a hurricane was happening.

  8. All my sound is silent my phone vibrates only I’ve been in set up several times and can’t figure it out. Please help

  9. my iphone won’t on.. the charger also connect… I’ll checked with technician… they say it might be coz of the motherboard.. how to do now.. thanks..

  10. I have forgotten my Passcode on my iPhone 6S. I now have got into such a trizze trying to remember the number that the phoe has locked me out and will not even recognize my Touch ID until i put my passcode in.

    Will you please be able to help me either to retrieve my Passcode or have a new one

    Kind Regards

  11. The orange on and off button on the left side does not function at all This phone does not ring on incoming calls. But I hear everything else

  12. Hello, yesterday i was charging my iphone 6s plus and it suddenly turned off. since then, i tried the whole process of pressing the two buttons so it can restart and turn on but it doesn’t. my screen stays pitch black the whole time.

  13. Just got my new iPhone 8 Plus.
    Nothing shows up on my calendar—how do I sync all the information?
    Also, caller I’d shows only phone numbers and not contact names even though contacts have merged.
    Please help!
    Thank you!!

  14. My iphone 6s plus will not let me swipe to open the phone. I attempted to shut it down but it will not let me swipe to close it either.

  15. My iPhone 7 plus back camera is not working it just turns black but my front camera works & my flashlight does not work either & when I FaceTime my front camera is upside down . I don’t know what to do or where to go to get it fixed .Any recomdations ?

  16. Cannot forward any email from IPhone. Apple says server issue. Tech says apple software issue. Help!

  17. i m finding a problem in accessing my contacts on my iPhone 7 it is slow in bring forth the contacts , takes long to access my contacts

  18. have an iPhone 7 and need help with Sounds and Haptics. I will explain a situation as follows:
    I listen to music and play Word Spark, which requires dragging letters to spell words. Sometimes I take a screen shot in between.
    Problem is I cannot seem to mute the sound of the app while dragging letters, nor the sound of the screen shot, without muting the phone completely. However then I cannot listen to the music.
    Is there a way that I can mute the camera and in-apps sounds, yet still hear the phone ringing and listen to music?

  19. iohone 6s overheted pmic,after reballing the pmic,now overheat all the components in the section were is located pmic

  20. i have an iPhone 6plus,it started freezing…i have tried rebooting it,changed the screen and restored it but its still having the same problem of turning on and off continuously at the the iPhone log

  21. After update now it thinks and thinks. Received a phone call and the number that came in was000000

  22. My iPhone 7 battery went dead, and after recharging, using both the wall plug and computer will not turn on. I’ve tried holding in the wake button and volume down button and it still will not turn on. It has not been dropped or wet. It is only three months old, so Apple Store told me they will replace it. But I need it to turn on long enough for me to get my trip of a lifetime pictures on the cloud.
    Pleas help any ideas,

  23. My iPhone screen keeps flickering, making things change color constantly. And there are very faint vertical lines on my screen, that go from unnoticeable to very noticeable. I’m not sure how to fix it, the only thing I haven’t tried is a factory reset.

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