How to Limit Headphone Volume |Reduce Loud Sounds on iPhone 12

This post will help you limit the iPhone 12 headphone volume through the iOS 14 reduce loud sounds feature. Read on if you need help configuring your new iPhone to automatically adjust or reduce the headphone’s sound into a sustainable level.

iOS 14 Reduce Loud Sounds

Aside from privacy and security, the iOS 14 also offers a number of safety features to ensure every user’s wellbeing while using the device. One of the said features is the reduce loud sounds that’s tagged under headphone security.

When enabled, your phone will measure the headphone’s audio levels to make sure it does not adversely affect your hearing. 

The iPhone can analyze headphone audio and reduce any sound that is beyond the set decibel level.

If the level exceeds the recommended volume limit, a notification is sent and the volume is turned down automatically. 

In case you’re wondering how to access and manage this setting on the recently rolled out iOS smartphone, I’ve laid out this quick demo for you to follow.

Here’s how to reduce loud sounds while using a headphone on the iPhone 12.

Easy Steps to Reduce Loud Sounds on iPhone 12

The following steps are also applicable when enabling reduce loud sounds feature on other iOS devices with the same software version with the iPhone 12. However, you may notice some slight variations on the actual screens and menu items between device models.

1. To get started, go to your iPhone’s Home screen and then tap the Settings icon.

Basic and advanced iOS 14 settings will load up on the next screen.

2. Scroll down or up to view more items. Then, tap Sounds and Haptics.

Sounds settings and relevant features will populate the next display.

3. Under the Headphone Audio section, tap Reduce Loud Sounds.

Doing so will let you access the switch to turn reduce loud sounds feature off or on.

4. To proceed with this demo, toggle the switch to turn the feature ON.

A volume slider will appear beneath. 

5. Dragging the slider to the left reduces the decibel level and increases when drag to the right. Just adjust the slider to your preferred level.

After making necessary adjustments, plug in your headphones and carry out some sound test to see if the Reduce Loud Sounds feature actually works as intended.

Be sure to keep the decibel level below 80 to keep your ears protected.

iOS 14 Headphone Safety

With the recent iOS 14 update, the iPhone’s headphone safety feature gets enhanced by adding the ability to measure volume level of headphones in real-time.

This is one of the iPhone features that should be enabled first so as to evade possible hearing damage from long-term exposure to loud sound from headphones.

This iOS headphone safety feature is also intended to work with AirPods Pro, AirPods and some select third-party headphones.

To prevent any changes to the maximum headphone volume, you can configure your iPhone restrictions for Reduce Loud Sounds.

To do this, simply go to Settings-> Screen Time-> Content & Privacy Restrictions-> and then choose select Don’t Allow.

And that’s all about limiting the iPhone 12 headphone volume using the iOS 14 reduce loud sounds feature.

Also make sure that your iPhone is running the latest iOS version. Otherwise, you may have to consider installing the latest iOS version available for your device.

And that’s all about limiting the iPhone 12 headphone volume using the iOS 14 reduce loud sounds feature.

Hope this helps!

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