How To Fix iTunes Sync Error

One of the things that almost every iPhone and iTunes owner does is syncs their device or devices with iTunes. This helps make sure you have all of the proper media on your phone, helps you get rid of duplicates, and even keeps a backup of your phone on your PC. That said, iTunes can be an invaluable tool to have with your iPhone or iPad; however, iTunes can have quite a few issues, too.


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If you’re having iTunes sync error issues, we recommend upgrading to our favorite iTunes alternative MacX MediaTrans.


If you’ve used iTunes at all, you’ve no doubt come into contact with the dreaded iTunes sync error. This sync error can be problematic because iTunes could crash because of this, it could fail to move photos and music around, and you may even see duplicated files.

That said, iTunes can be a fairly frustrating experience, but luckily, there’s some ways that you can fix these problems once and for all. If you follow along with us below, we’ll show you step by step how!

MacX MediaTrans

If you don’t want to go through the hoops that Apple puts you through, you might want to consider looking at an alternative way to fix iTunes sync errors. One of those excellent alternatives is with a program called MacX MediaTrans. You can use it to sync all of your data between your Mac and iPhone.

Once you have MacX MediaTrans downloaded onto your Mac, most of your iTunes sync errors should be fixed. Not only that, but MacX MediaTrans supports more audio formats than iTunes as well. You should be able to sync almost every audio format between your Mac and iPhone. MediaTrans supports these formats:

  • MP3
  • AAC
  • AC3
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • DTS
  • OGG
  • Apple Lossless, iPhone ringtones, etc

There are a number of other things that MacX MediaTrans can do as well. You can actually use the program to remove any iTunes DRM protections, you can convert media files to other formats without losing data, and you can even encrypt your files for privacy protection.

One other neat thing is just how user-focused MacX MediaTrans is. It doesn’t auto-sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and that’s so you don’t lose any data. iTunes has a tendency to auto-sync, and usually deletes data that hasn’t been previously synced to iTunes, unfortunately.

MacX MediaTrans is a great alternative to iTunes because of these reasons, but there are a few other features that make the program extremely helpful as well.

MacX MediaTrans as your Music Manager

MacX MediaTrans isn’t just awesome at being your iTunes replacement, but you can use it to easily manage your music as well. You can use it to sync your music individually or in bulk, and it will do all of that pretty quickly. And the best part? There’s no sync errors whatsoever! Open up MacX MediaTrans and you’re free to use all of its features without error.

The nice thing about this program is that you can actually sync music and media that isn’t purchased with iTunes with your Mac and iPhone, whereas iTunes limits you from a DRM standpoint. MacX MediaTrans frees all of those problems up, even allowing you to add, edit, and delete playlists as you like.

One of the things that is unique to MacX MediaTrans is the ability to make your own iPhone ringtones based off of the music that you have on your iPhone. Yes, you can turn regular, everyday songs into music for the iPhone! iTunes doesn’t allow you to do this from a copyright and DRM standpoint, so having this feature built right into MacX MediaTrans is definitely one of the highlights.

MacX MediaTrans makes it easy to manage photos

In addition to fixing common sync errors found iTunes, MacX MediaTrans is an excellent choice for those that are looking for a more well-rounded application for managing photos and videos.

iTunes is well known for its slowness when it comes to syncing and moving around large files. MacX MediaTrans gets rid of that with lightweight and fast software that can sync up to 100 4K photos in eight seconds or less.

One of the more unique things that MacX MediaTrans is able to do is actually delete photos from your camera roll from the software program itself.

There are a number of backup options as well — with MacX MediaTrans, you can easily backup those bulky 4K photos to your Mac, freeing up that precious space on your iPhone. One of the more neat things about this feature is that you can use MacX MediaTrans to even backup original iPhone “live” photos without any loss of data or corruption.

Overall, MacX MediaTrans makes it easy to sync your photos and videos with the annoying iTunes sync error of ” Cannot add MP4 video to iTunes library” or “Movie cannot be copied to iPhone/iPad with iTunes”.

All about two-way sync

The other area that sets MacX MediaTrans apart from iTunes is the two-way sync feature. You can sync your iPhone and your Mac together, without needing an iCloud account or even a WiFi connection. It does this all through the wire, actually syncing your content between your Mac and iPhone extremely quickly.

The other neat element about the syncing portion of this program is the non-Apple supported video and audio formats. Normally, you would need to convert video and audio files into something that’s Apple-supported, and you would have to use a backwoods program to do that. Luckily, this is a feature built right into MacX MediaTrans, allowing you to convert files into something that can be played on any iDevice — such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and other Apple devices.

The best part? None of those dreaded sync errors that make it so much more difficult and time-consuming to sync your data between the iPhone and Mac!

Storage saving

As we already briefly mentioned, you can use MacX MediaTrans to save space on your iPhone as well. You can backup photos and videos onto your computer, and then remove them off of your iPhone to free up space.

On top of that, MacX MediaTrans can do some auto-optimizing to free up storage space, such as making files smaller without any sort of data loss.

The future of iTunes

iTunes errors will soon not be a problem anymore. Apple announced that they would be getting rid of iTunes, or at least splitting it into a bunch of different sectors. iTunes itself will no longer exist, with syncing and backups actually being handled by Finder in a future iTunes update.

That said, some sync errors with iTunes will actually go away, and it won’t be a worry anymore. But for the time being, and for folks on Mac, MediaTrans is a great way to handle those things. The Windows version is a great opportunity for those that are on Windows 10 and prior versions as well.


As you can see, you have a lot of different options to fix the various iTunes sync error that you might come across. There are some basic operations that you can follow on your iPhone to fix those errors, but if you’re just done trying to make iTunes work, MacX MediaTrans is an excellent replacement.

MacX MediaTrans isn’t just a direct iTunes replacement though. It comes with a bunch of other functions that enables you to do more with your Mac and iPhone. For example, you can convert protected files into a format that those files can be played on, and you can even play movies and audiobooks directly from the program. You can even turn regular music files into songs with MacX MediaTrans!

It’s an excellent program that allows you to do a lot. If you want to grab it and replace iTunes yourself, you can grab a free trial download directly from MacX here. And if you like it, a license costs very little!

Do you have any recommendations for fixing the dreaded iTunes sync error? Or maybe you have a good recommendation for replacing iTunes? Either way, sound off in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!