Apple iPhone XR Bluetooth Pairing Guide: How to pair your iPhone XR with a Bluetooth device

Need help setting up Bluetooth connections on your new iPhone XR? If so, then this post is for you. Read on to learn how to use and manage your iPhone XR Bluetooth functions.

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The advanced mobile technology has made people’s life even easier than ever. Gone were the days when most things are done through cable and wires for printing documents, transferring files, answering phone calls, and the like. You can pair your tablet, laptop, printer, Bluetooth-enabled computer and even your smartphones as these devices have integrated Bluetooth support. Almost all of the devices available in the market today support Bluetooth. And that includes the latest iPhone XR handset. With your phone’s Bluetooth feature turned on, you can instantly pair and connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices and start exchanging data wirelessly over short distances.

How Bluetooth works on your iPhone XR?

Bluetooth works according to some requisites including proximity or distance between paired devices as well as system compatibility. Your iPhone must have its Bluetooth feature enabled and the Bluetooth accessory must also be in discoverable mode. System-wise, the Bluetooth accessory must also be compatible with or supported by your iPhone XR and vice versa.

Note that before you pair your iPhone XR to any Bluetooth devices; make sure that the device you are pairing with is already set to Pairing/Discoverable Mode, so it can be recognized by your phone. Make sure as well that the Bluetooth device you wished to pair with is currently turned on. You can refer to the device’s manual for further instructions on how to turn it on.

How to start Bluetooth pairing with your iPhone XR?

Pairing your iPhone XR to a Bluetooth-enabled device or accessory is fairly easy. Below are the standard steps on how to get started.

  1. From your iPhone’s Home screen, tap on Settings.
  2. Next, select Bluetooth.
  3. If necessary, tap or slide the Bluetooth switch to turn the feature ON, if it is not yet activated.
  4. After turning Bluetooth on, view the list of available devices in range and then select the Bluetooth device or accessory that you want to pair with your phone.
  5. Upon selecting a device, you might be asked to enter a password. If needed, type in the correct PIN and then tap Pair. If you haven’t set a password yet, then you can use the default Bluetooth password instead. Usually, manufacturers would set the default password to either 0000 (four zeroes) or 1234. Check the user manual of your Bluetooth device for more information.

Once you have successfully paired your devices, try sending a file through Bluetooth sharing or relay specific functions from your iPhone to its paired Bluetooth accessory.

How to unpair your iPhone XR from a Bluetooth device?

Unpairing is usually needed if Bluetooth problems are encountered and the transpiring symptoms are attributed to a corrupted Bluetooth connection. If you’re wondering how to unpair your iPhone XR from a Bluetooth accessory, then you may refer to these steps:

  1. From your iPhone Home screen, tap on Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth. Make sure it’s enabled so that you can view all saved Bluetooth devices.
  3. Find the name of the Bluetooth device that is currently paired or connected to your iPhone XR.
  4. Select the device then tap on the information “i” icon next to it.
  5. Then tap the option to Forget this Device.
  6. If prompted, tap Forget Device to confirm.

The selected device will then be removed and so as its Bluetooth connection with your iPhone.

After unpairing your devices, restart your iPhone XR to clear its memory cache and then try pairing it with your Bluetooth device again. Make sure your devices are within range and in discoverable mode.

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While Bluetooth is designed to communicate over short distances, the Bluetooth technology that the new iPhones integrate is capable of four times the original Bluetooth range, going not less than 200 feet and up to 800 feet. But of course, same with any other wireless gadgets, obstructions like walls can also cause possible interference. Thus, if your Bluetooth connection is somehow choppy or unstable, you might as well consider moving to a better location or remove other nearby devices that can possibly interfere with your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection.

If you encounter any errors when attempting to pair your phone with a Bluetooth device or accessory, take note of the error message and then try performing basic troubleshooting. Or you may also contact the manufacturer of your Bluetooth device for further assistance in configuring the device according to your iPhone XR’s Bluetooth system and preferences.

I hope that we’ve been able to help you fix the problem with your device. We would appreciate it if you helped us spread the word so please share this post if you found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading!

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