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How to fix an iPhone XR that is overheating in iOS 13

Is your iPhone XR overheating in iOS 13? If you do, then feel free to refer to this walkthrough before opting for service. Read on to find out why this happens and what must be done to get your iPhone’s temperature back to its normal operating level. Battery draining and overheating are just two of

Apple iPhone XR no Internet when connected to WiFi after iOS 13

While trying to optimize your phone’s features, you always see to it that it runs with the latest software version available. Which in result, will provide you better phone performance, enhanced features, and correct current phone issues. However, weird things can always happen. Recently, a lot of iPhone XR users complained that they lost internet

How to enable and disable Airplane Mode on Apple iPhone XR

The Airplane Mode is a feature that disables all wireless communications in your Apple iPhone XR, or any smartphones for that matter, in just one flick of a finger. When enabled, all network and wireless connections are disabled. This, of course, includes WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data and even Personal Hotspot. If you need your phone

What to do if iPhone XR screen is slow or unresponsive

From time to time, iPhones may suffer a hiccup causing the system to lag or become slow. In some cases, the screen may turn on but won’t accept any finger inputs. if you have any of such problems on your iPhone XR, then this post should help. Before we proceed, we want to remind you