Apple iPhone SE Successor Could Be Named 'iPhone 9'

While Apple has been rumored to bring an iPhone SE successor to the market for quite some time now, there’s some new speculation emerging about the name of the handset. While this phone was known as the “iPhone SE 2” until now, a new source cited by tech site Macotakara mentions that Apple may actually decide to call it the “iPhone 9“.

As you are aware, Apple skipped the iPhone 9 lineup altogether as it announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X together in 2017. So could this be the reason why Apple never released an iPhone 9? Well, we will never know until Apple provides clarification on this front. But given how secretive Apple has been with product names, we don’t expect the company to provide any information right now.


Previous reports have mentioned that the iPhone SE 2 will use the same design as the iPhone 8 while also adding the powerful Apple A13 SoC. So since it’s a natural evolution of the iPhone 8 in the size department, we think it’s fair to call this mid-ranger the iPhone 9. It is expected that this handset will be available in colors like Space Grey, Silver as well as Red. Pricing is rumored to be around $399, which could prove to be a game changer in this segment.

The iPhone SE 2 is expected to be unveiled in 2023, with a recent report claiming that Apple will release an “iPhone SE 2 Plus” in 2023. The report also added that Apple will unveil four new 5G iPhones in Fall 2020 with varying sizes. It seems like 2020 will be a big year for the company, particularly with 5G going mainstream across key parts of the world.

What do you make of the rumored iPhone SE successor?

Via: iMore