How To Fix Apple iPhone iOS 13.1.1 Stuck On Verifying Update

Apple Users are always so eager when a new iOS update is available because we all want to have our iPhone software to be updated as possible and are so excited to experience whatever it is new with the update . It was not until yesterday that the latest update of  iOS 13.1.1 was released. Some users are having problems on iOS 13.1.1 being stuck on verifying update.

Updating to a new iOS 13.1.1 or any other updates can be as easy as tapping “Download & Install”. Although, often we’ve encountered issues along the way as such you’re stuck with verifying update on iOS 13.1.1. First of all, before trying anything else to solve the issue you are facing, you must also understand and know beforehand if you are really stuck on the “Verifying Update” prompt” or not. When a new update is released especially on that particular day that you’re trying to update, millions of Apple users are also updating as well. Given that, most probably Apple servers gets congested making installation process taking a little longer than expected. 

Also, when the “Verifying Update” prompt appears, it is a normal process as update request takes a while. Next possible reason for the prompt is probably because you do not have a strong WiFi signal and “Verifying Update” just means that it is still waiting for a strong WiFi signal to connect to

The storage space on your iPhone must also be taken into consideration as this can greatly affect its ability to successfully verify software update if iPhone is clogged up and it could take up to a few minutes to process the update as well. 

After analyzing the cause of the problem and finally establishing that your iPhone is really stuck on “Verifying Update” Hence, the possible solutions on how to fix Apple iPhone iOS 131.1 stuck on verifying update will be outlined below.


Solution 1: iPhone Hard Reset

When you are already starting to update and you get stuck with “Verifying Update” prompt screen, you are unable to use your iPhone in any way possible. To be able to bring it back to its previous state, you can hard reset your iPhone to force it to go off then you can turn it back on. 

To do this, simply: 

  1. Start with pressing the Power/Sleep & wake Button, located at the right side of your device. 
  2. While holding the Power/Sleep & wake Button, hold down the Volume Button located at the left side of your device. 
  3. Keep holding both the  Power/Sleep & wake Button and Volume Button simultaneously.
  4. Your device screen will turn black and turns its power off.
  5. You make feel a little vibration on your iPhone as it automatically turns back on and the Apple Logo appears,
  6. Then you can release the Power/Sleep & wake Button and Volume Button

After doing a hard reset, you can try to update the new software once more. Note on the steps mentioned above, the location of the Power/Sleep & wake Button and Volume Button varies with iPhone models. iPhone  X or later versions might not have a different button locations as with iPhone 8 plus and lower models. It is best to know where your Power/Sleep & wake Button and Volume Buttons are located on your device.

Solution 2: Connect to iTunes on your computer

This is a method used  to bypass Verifying Update that is stuck with update issue. Before doing this, you have to make sure that you have iTunes on your personal computer, if not download it before proceeding with the next steps. 

Once iTunes have already been downloaded, use the following steps to bypass Verifying Update stuck on iPhone:

  1. Using a USB cord, connect your iPhone to your personal computer and wait for iTunes to recognize it. 
  2. Once iTunes recognize your device, go to iTunes on your personal computer and look for Summary
  3. On the Summary menu, click on the Check for Update from the options.
  4. Once the available  update is shown, click on Update to continue.

Allow and wait for the installation process to be complete. Always remember that when an update is ongoing on iTunes on your personal computer, do not try to disconnect your iPhone as this can disrupt the installation process. 

Updating to the latest software on your Apple device can be exciting and frustrating as well. Frustrating if you’re getting issues or errors along the way, hope the above-mentioned solutions helped you on How to fix your Apple iPhone iOS 13.1.1 on update stuck verifying update.