iPhone 8 Yahoo account not receiving incoming mails, mails won’t show, other issues

This day’s #iPhone8 troubleshooting article covers three problems that some users may encounter from time to time. We pay attention to one particular issue about a user having trouble with a Yahoo account. We understand that email issues can sometimes be tricky and difficult to diffuse so hopefully our suggestions in these post can effectively fix the particular problem mentioned in this one.

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Problem 1: iPhone 8 Yahoo account not receiving incoming mails, mails won’t show

I have 3 Yahoo accounts. Two are behaving as expected; one can no longer receive email. I have run through all diagnostics I am aware of. I have rebooted. I have deleted and added back the account. I have changed the password to resync everything. I have moved nine of ten years of email into folders in the event that there was too much data to move into the primary folder. Note: This is a very old account and it is possible that iOS can’t cope (imagine that) which is why I moved all but one year to folders. Before I moved the folders, what was happening frequently was that all of the email would vanish at any given point in the day (while I was reading it) and I would have to wait hours for it to reload. Recently mail has stopped coming in entirely. It still behaves as expected in the other two accounts. The thing I can’t do is check the incoming mail server settings. Apple decided to take that option out of the phone with iOS 7. I can still see outbound and the port is correct, but I can’t see inbound. I can only assume it is port 993 and that the server name is properly set to imap.mail.yahoo.com. I can’t validate that though. Before I blow up several years of history (I REALLY don’t want to do that), is there something I should know? I’m actually willing to masochistically make an appointment with a genius to resolve this because the phone is my lifeline. My client doesn’t permit access to personal email and I’m in that building 10 – 12 hours a day. Soooo. Thoughts? — Heather_jefferies

Solution: Hi Heather. Yahoo mail troubleshooting is not our forte. It is of Yahoo’s technical support team, if they have such thing available for its users. If your two other Yahoo accounts work properly in the same Apple Mail app, then you got yourself an account-specific problem. That means the issue is isolated to that account only. The problem may be caused by the number of old emails you have, or by the age of that account. This author can confirm though that his 13-year old Yahoo account still works properly.

Check your remaining Yahoo Mail storage space

At the time of this writing, Yahoo offers 1TB of free storage space for emails. If you can’t imagine how big that is, that’s enough size for about 54 million emails that don’t have attachments in them. If you regularly receive emails with huge attachments like photos and videos, this number may be reduced significantly, especially after years of usage. Still, 1TB is so large we don’t think your account is running out of storage space at this time. To check how much your account has storage space left, you can do the following:

  1. Sign in to your Yahoomail account in your computer.
  2. Once you’re signed in, click on the Menu icon (the one that looks like a gear) at the upper right.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. At the lower part of the window, you’ll see the amount of storage space you’ve used up.

If you don’t see the storage space you’ve consumed, it’s possible that you’re still using the Yahoo! Mail Basic. You need to switch to newest Yahoo Mail version first by following the link in your Yahoo! Mail Basic.

What to do if you’re running out of space

While 1TB for email is unimaginable for most people, it’s not impossible that you’re actually running out of storage space in your account. To remedy the situation you can archive your large or old mails to either:

  • a computer’s local storage, or
  • to another email account.

To archive your Yahoomail messages to a local computer storage, follow these steps:

  1. In your computer, set up your Yahoo account in an email program. If you have Windows, you may want to use the Microsoft provided Mail app. If you’re a Mac user, you can likewise use its Mail application. In setting up your account, make sure to use IMAP instead of POP.
  2. Once you’ve added your Yahoo account successfully, you can then create local folders in the email program that will hold the archived emails.
  3. Move the messages that you want to archive from the source folder to the destination folder.

To archive your Yahoomail messages to another Yahoo account or other accounts, the steps are generally similar. All you need to do differently is to create a folder or folders under the target email account and then move your old messages to that folder.

Visit Yahoo Help Central

For more Yahoo-specific questions, we recommend that you follow this link to access Yahoo Help Central. You can either contact a Yahoo specialist, ask other Yahoo users, or browse Yahoo help articles.

Problem 2: iPhone 8 group messaging with a non-Apple user creates individual messages

I have an iPhone 8 and was in a group message initiated by a member without an iPhone. I received an individual message only and cannot see who was in the group. This message appeared under the one individuals number as if we were continuing private messaging and not linked to the group. If I reply back under that number now, do all my messages keep going to the group? From that group I did also receive individual imessage replies in response to group message. I started a new contact with the non iphone member but phone keeps going back to original messaging link we had where group message appeared. I do not want my messages going to go to the group when I text this person. My phone is open on imessage and MMS messaging only. SMS was not open. — Dori

Solution: Hi Dori. There are three types of group messages that you can do in your iPhone:

  • group iMessage,
  • group MMS, and
  • group SMS

If all members of the group are using Apple devices with iMessage all turned on, then the group message automatically defaults to an iMessage. In your case, we think you are part of a group SMS because one is using a non-Apple device. In this case, all responses are sent as individual text messages and the recipients can’t see responses of other members. This means that your response, even if you intentionally create it for everyone in the group, arrives to each and every member as a personal response. The non-iPhone member will receive your response as an individual text message. Yes, everyone still receives the same exact copy of your response.

If you want to initiate a totally separate conversation thread with that non-Apple device, make sure you have his or her phone number before creating a new text message. You will be sending an SMS to this person so make sure that you SMS is up and running.

Problem 3: iPhone 8 making screeching noise in a call

Okay so i was trying to call my brother to tell him about a faulty hdmi cord, but when he picked up, he couldn’t hear me and the call ended with my phone producing a bunch of screeching noise even after the call was over. i called him again, but instead of ringing, i heard the same glitch-like screech. i had no other apps going, and it was only through the top speaker. i’m creeped out by this. — Jenna Osborn

Solution: Hi Jenna. The first thing that you need to do is to determine if the problem happens only when calling one number or not. There may be an issue with your brother’s network or phone so you want to replicate the issue by calling another number. If the phone continues to make the same screeching noise, you can do the troubleshooting steps below. If the problem is not present when calling another number, then that screeching sound must be due to your brother’s phone or network.

If you want to troubleshoot the cause of the noise in your phone, these are the things that you can do.

Hard restart your iPhone 8

Sometimes restarting an iPhone clears up the system of bugs. That said, be sure to do it in your iPhone. We suggest that instead of doing the normal restart, you do the hard restart. Here’s how:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Then, press and hold the Side/Power button until you see the Apple logo.

Quit and relaunch Phone app

If a hard restart won’t fix the issue, the next thing that you want to perform is to close and relaunch the Phone app. Here’s how to do that in your iPhone 8:

  1. Double-click the Home button to show your most recently uses apps.
  2. Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close.  
  3. Swipe up on the app’s preview to close the app.

Install app and iOS updates

This potential solution is situational. If the cause of the problem is due to poor app or iOS coding, installing an update may fix it. Make sure that your phone runs the latest version of all your apps and iOS.

Perform a Factory reset

If the issue is being caused by an unknown software glitch, a master reset will most likely fix it. Here’s how:

  1. Back up all data on the internal memory.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap Reset.
  5. Select the option to Erase All Content and Settings.
  6. If prompted, enter the correct passcode for your device to continue.
  7. Tap the option to confirm action.

Contact your network

If the issue happens to persist after doing all the solutions above, the cause of the problem might be network- or hardware-related. Make sure that you contact your carrier first so they can check if there’s something that they can do. Otherwise, let Apple check the phone to see if it needs repair or replacement.


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