Apple iPhone 8 keeps showing “liquid detected” error when charging (easy steps)

It took ten generations of iOS before Apple was able to implement a feature that would warn its users of possible liquid damage. The warning says “Disconnect lightning accessory. Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector. To protect your iPhone, disconnect this Lightning accessory and allow the connector to dry.” You would also have the option to Ignore this message but the thing is if your iPhone warns you of moisture in its port, then there’s probably liquid in there.

Your iPhone 8 is dust and water resistant but it’s not really waterproof as there are limitations for phones with IP67 rating. In other words, given the right circumstances, water can still enter into your device and do you know what the entry point is? Yeah, that’s right, the Lightning port. That’s the reason why Apple added the feature since iOS 10 to make sure liquid can’t go further without being detected.

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What to do when your iPhone 8 shows the “liquid detected” warning

The warning message should be taken seriously, so when it shows up, do exactly as it says; disconnect any Lightning accessory that’s connected to your iPhone 8 especially if it’s connected to a power source. Bear in mind that liquid, even if it’s just in the charging port, can potentially damage your iPhone big time.

Now, after removing the Lightning accessory, place your phone on a dry surface upright and let it be so for a few hours to dry out the moist. Here are other things you should do or not do…

  • Turn your iPhone 8 off.
  • Air dry the Lightning accessory you’ve connected to your iPhone when the warning showed up.
  • Do not blow into the port nor shake the phone as that could push the liquid further in.
  • Do not attempt to charge your iPhone regardless whether the battery is low or not.

After a few hours of letting the iPhone 8 sit without being used, try to turn it on and then connect any Lightning accessory but don’t connect it to the charger. If there’s still moisture in the port, you will be prompted with the same warning message. If it doesn’t show up, then try charging your device to verify further if the error would still be triggered and if so, give your phone another 24 hours to dry out the moist but make sure you turn it off.

After which and the error still shows up, then it’s time you brought it back to the Apple Store and have the technician check it for you.

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