How to fix Apple iPhone 6s that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

Power issues can occur anytime to any device whether it’s new or old. Oftentimes, these issues are tied to a faulty hardware but in some rare cases, some buggy apps may also trigger the device not to power on. Even the latest highest-tiered #Apple the devices like the iPhone 6s (#iPhone6s) can also be inflicted with akin problems, as manifested by growing number of users claiming that their new iPhone won’t turn on under certain circumstances.

What could have possibly caused your iPhone 6s to not power on or become dead all of a sudden?

Given there is no damage to the hardware or device itself, there’s a higher chance that your phone’s battery is completely drained or it could be due to a system crash. Good thing, these can still be rectified with a few workarounds highlighted in this content. You may give these methods a shot before taking your phone to an Apple Genius for damage check and/or repair.

The methods we introduce in this post are based on aforesaid potential causes of device power issue – namely, battery drain and system failure. You may try any of the following workarounds, whichever you think is most applicable to your situation.

Note: Be sure to test your device after completing each method, to see if the problem is already fixed. Proceed to the next steps, if necessary.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a charger

To ensure your phone is not dead due to insufficient or depleted battery life, give it at least 15 minutes to charge. Smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6s would usually take a little longer to show the charging indicator and/or power on, especially if the battery is completely drained. Be sure to connect the charger to a power source/outlet when charging.

Moreover, use only the manufacturer-provided (OEM) charging accessories as much as possible. After 20 minutes of charging, try to turn it on by pressing the Sleep/Wake button while your iPhone remains connected to the charger. If it still won’t power on, then give it some more time to fully charge, approximately an hour or so.

Step 2. Restart/Force Restart your iPhone

If the problem persists after performing the first method, then your next workaround is to ensure the issue is not triggered by a system failure. There are some instances when the iOS (mobile operating system) gets corrupted, causing your iPhone to show a blank or black display, or not power on.

In this case, you may try to restart or force restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button and Home button simultaneously, for about 15 seconds or until the Apple logo appears. This should wake up your device.

Forcing your iPhone to restart will not affect or erase contents from your device so there’s no need to worry about possible data loss. You can do this even when your iPhone 6s screen is black or keys are not responding to touches.

Step 3. Do Further Check-ups on your charging paraphernalia

Continue troubleshooting your iPhone by further checking on a few important factors that will help you determine what really is causing the problem. Here are some more things you can try on, if your iPhone still doesn’t turn on after performing a force restart.

  • Carefully check the charging ports and ensure there is no debris or dirt. Use a soft cloth to clean them up, if necessary.
  • Check the USB cable and make sure it’s not damaged. You may try to use other USB cables (if available) to see if it’s functioning properly.
  • Try to plug other appliances to the power source/outlet you use for charging your iPhone. You can also try to use other working power outlets available.

Step 4. Contact Apple Support

If nothing else works, then you’re most likely dealing with a more serious problem that is, a damaged hardware or your iPhone itself is damaged. This is when you need to seek further assistance from an Apple Genius or contact Apple Support for further recommendations.

But if you have the guts to troubleshoot the problem further, then you can open your iPhone by yourself and check for any damages to the hardware components. However, you should only do this if your device is already out of warranty or has exceeded the warranty period. Otherwise, better contact your phone carrier and see if you’re still eligible for a replacement program. If so, then have it replaced as soon as possible.

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