Apple iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Screen Not Working Issue

Whenever the display of a phone gets damaged beyond repair then it has to be replaced with a new one. Owners of the #Apple #iPhone6Plus for example can have their displays replaced at the official Apple store or from a third party repair shop. While it’s best to have the display replaced at the official store sometimes it is cheaper to have it done at a repair shop which is why most people go this route. Today we will be discussing some display related problems concerning smartphones particularly about the iPhone 6 Plus replacement screen not working issue.


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iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Screen Not Working

Problem: Hello, Please help ! i recently bought an Iphone 6 plus the screen was cracked but i  thought it wasn’t a big deal  I went to the mall to get the screen fixed and the guys said he’s going to have to change the LCD and the screen so he did  Literally 2 day after he fixed my screen my phone started flickering and turning black i’m not able to use my phone properly i depend on my phone to work. So what do yall think?  is it the LCD did the guy have something to do with it ? should i go back to the guy that fixed my screen and complain about my screen  There’s no code that pops up

Related Problem: i replaced the screen after cracking it and now the phone turns on but the screen doesn’t come up the phone gets power my laptop tells me to put in the password but i can since the screen wont light up or respond to touch on both the replacement and original screen.

Related Problem: My phone screen was cracked and I got it fixed at a third part place and after it fixed it was working fine but couple days after the screen completely stopped working it turns on but it doesn’t respond to my touches

Related Problem: I got my screen replaced about a week ago. It was working just fine for a few days then all of a sudden the screen isn’t responding properly. Sometimes it’ll work when I turn it off and back on, sometimes it doesn’t. Help please

Related Problem: Guys Have an iphone 6+ have replaced a crack screen with new. Touch screen does not work. I tryed to plug into itunes and update the phone but i cant slide to accept itunes. Could it be the new screen?

Related Problem: Hi, I purchased an iphone 6 plus replacement screen and installed myself with no issues. I followed the instruction and everything was done as planned. When I put the phone back on, I find a few issues:

– Cannot swipe bottom to up to bring up the control centre screen

– For some apps like facebook and instagram, when opened, the icons in the bottom screen don’t work anymore.

– When using Messages app (standalone iphone app to send sms), nothing happens when trying to enter text on the text field at the bottom of the screen as it won’t bring up keyboard. Also none of the icons there work.

Everything seems to work fine, but it looks like the screen may be defective as the problem only occurs in the bottom section. FYI, I had this screen installed on IOS 10.1 then when the problem occurred, I did “reset all settings” and when this failed, I upgraded to IOS 10.3 and this still failed. Any idea/suggestion please?

Solution: The common denominator among the problems listed above is that the screen of the phone was replaced since the original screen got damaged. After replacing the screen we now have a problem of the screen not responding or working well.

What you can do for this particular problem is to check first if the phone software has anything to do with this by restoring the phone as a new device. Make sure to backup your phone data before performing this step. Once the phone has been restored try to check if the screen works and is responsive. If the issue persists then the problem is most likely caused by a defective replacement display or the touch IC of the phone is busted. If this is the case then you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

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