iOS 13 Tips And Tricks: How To Use Screen Time and Setting App Limits

The new iOS 13 update was released last September 19, 2019. Along with all the other changes and improvements with the new update, one important feature is the Screen Time and the ability to Set limits to App though Screen Time was already added by Apple in iOS 12. 

What is Screen Time? It is an iPhone feature that shows you how much time you spend on your iPhone and which apps you usually use the most. That way you will be aware and can somehow have a slight idea of your iPhone daily or weekly usage. Basically, it is tracking you how much time you spent on your iPhone showing you the daily average use. Showing you how much time you spent i.e. Entertainment or Social Networking on a daily or weekly basis. Using the usage info is also a perfect way to help you balance which apps you should always be using than apps that you don’t normally use. 

One important feature of Screen Time is its ability to Set Limits for apps. Setting App Limits  inappropriate content, unauthorized download from App Store and most especially Parental controls. You can also schedule a downtime, that simply means at a schedule time your device will automatically shut down thus limiting screen limits of your kids. And what’s more, screen time limit is password protected that way your child will be needing your password thus your approval to be able to use your device again. However, this does not apply only to your kids but to you as well if you need help in managing your daily use of mobile phones. 

One important thing to remember before we proceed with the guide on how to use the Screen Time and App Limits,  make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest iOS 13 taking into consideration that your iPhone also supports the new update iOS 13. 

Lists of Apple Devices that supports iOS 13 are:

  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
  • iPhone SE.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.
  • iphone x.
  • iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.
  • iphone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.
  • iPod Touch seventh generation.

Read on below to know more about the  iOS 13 Tips & Tricks: How to use Screen Time and Setting App Limits.

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iOS 13 Screen time is a tool that can be used in a lot of ways and will be specified below:

Downtime: It is a tool in Screen time that lets you set a schedule for a specific time away from the screen. This is most helpful in kids that do not follow rules with time management. With downtime, you can choose to limit screen time on a particular time choosing “From” time up “To” what time. Also, you also have the option to either choose to perform downtime Everyday and or you can customize days according to your preferences. To note, during Downtime, apps that you allow or choose will be the ones that you can use and not to worry as Phone calls will still be available with Downtime. 

To enable and set Downtime: 

  1. Go to Settings from the Home Screen
  2. Scroll down and Tap on Screen Time
  3. Tap on Downtime
  4. Toggle Downtime ON and set your day and time preferences. 

A Downtime reminder will appear at least five minutes before Downtime begins so that you can either ignore or proceed with Downtime. 

App Limits: This feature on Screen Time allows the users to manage the apps on their phone for every app categories. You can opt to choose a single app and categories or limiting all apps and categories is a possibility too. Some of the categories that are mostly used nowadays are Social Networking which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Facetime, Skype, Viber, Messages etc, Games; all the games will be displayed and allows you to choose which game to limit usage, category on Entertainment limiting usage on YouTube, Spotify, Netflix,and Google Home and among other categories as well. You can limit apps everyday since the limit resets at midnight. 

To enable and set App Limits: 

    1. Go to Settings from the Home Screen
    2. Scroll down and Tap on Screen Time
    3. Tap on App Limits
    4. Tap on Add Limit
    5. Choose from the list of categories which apps to limit the use

App Limits is a great way to limit apps that your kids can use at a certain amount of time or only on a specific day. . 

Always Allowed: As mentioned in the Downtime feature, you can choose to allow apps not to be affected or to take effect when Downtime begins. Again, there is not an option to allow or not to allow calls hence calls will still be available at all times. 

To check for always allowed apps: 

  1. Go to Settings from the Home Screen
  2. Scroll down and Tap on Screen Time
  3. Tap on Always Allowed
  4. Choose from the list of apps that you want at all times.

Deciding to allow access to certain apps on iPhone beneficial for your kids such as Educational apps, Book apps or even music for bedtime can be crucial as these apps are not what your kids want and like. But setting a rule for screen limit can help with achievements of the goal to manage screen time wisely also helping your kids with time management skills. 

Content & Privacy Restrictions: In this section, the Content & Privacy Restrictions basically means controlling everything from music and TV shows, movies and web content, apps and games, and a whole lot more. Use the Content & Privacy Restrictions of Screen Time to control your own personal settings and preventing your kid from gaining access and making changes to those settings. 

What can you control with Content & Privacy Restrictions? iTunes and App Store Purchases can be turned off  to prevent your kid to download and purchase unnecessary apps. Options such as allowing or not allowing installing and deleting of apps is also available. Another thing is that passwords may or may not be required for additional purchase after making purchase with the signed in Apple ID from iTunes or App Store. 

To block inappropriate content : 

  1. Go to Settings from the Home Screen
  2. Scroll down and Tap on Screen Time
  3. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions
  4. Choose from the list of options for restrictions. 

You will also have the option to allow or not to allow changes to privacy in apps such as Location services, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Share your location, Bluetooth sharing, and even Media & Apple Music. Deciding to allow or not to allow changes to more important settings such as the passcode, account, cellular data, volume limit and so many more. Using the iOS 13 tips and tricks: how to use screen time and settings app limits mentioned above is a very useful tool not only applicable to adults but to your kids as well in a way you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re iPhone is secured when your kids are using it. 

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