How To Report a Fake Facebook Account

Over the years, Facebook is the most widely used social media platforms all over the world. In fact, almost everyone has a Facebook account and they use it to connect and get in touch with friends and family members. Unfortunately though, there are also a lot of fake Facebook accounts these days. A fake Facebook account is when somebody else is using the profile name and information of other users and pretends it to be their own. Sadly, anyone can make a fake Facebook account.

Report a Fake Account

Report a Fake Account. If you happen to know a fake account or if you know that someone is using your Facebook profile name and details, the first thing to do is to report that said fake account the soonest possible time. As we all know, Identity Theft is a serious crime. In here, we will teach you on how to report a fake Facebook Account in a few easy steps.

Report using Facebook Website:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to report a fake Facebook account

  1. Log in to your Facebook Account

    Launch your browser and go to Log in to your Facebook account.
    Log in Facebook Account

  2. Search Fake Account on Search Box

    Once you are logged in, look for the name of the Fake Account at the Search Box located at the upper portion of the screen.
    Report Fake Account

  3. Click on the Profile of the fake account

    Go to the profile page of the fake account that you want to report.
    Profile of the fake account

  4. Click on the Three dots

    The three dots located at the far right corner next to the messages option.

    Click on three dots

  5. Click on Find support or report profile

    From the drop down menu, click on Find Support or Report Profile option.
    Find support or report profile

  6. Select and Click on Fake Account

    Prompt Screen appears, select Fake Account as a problem to continue, then click on Next.
    Report Fake Facebook Account

  7. Click on Done

    This step is to confirm selection of Fake Account to report.
    Fake account reported

If you want to report a Fake Facebook account using a Mobile App, you can also do so. The steps are pretty much the same, the only difference is that you need to launch the Facebook app when using your mobile device instead of launching the browser.

After performing the steps above, you will successfully report a Fake Facebook Account.

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