Facebook Messenger on iPhone Could Soon Get Face ID Support

As per hidden code accessed within Facebook Messenger, the app could soon get Face ID authentication, thus adding an extra layer of security to your conversations on the app. The feature was discovered by developer Jane Manchun Wong who is an expert in reengineering popular apps to discover secret features as well as security vulnerabilities.

Wong also shared a screenshot of this new Face ID feature clearly showing how it will work. This also reveals that Facebook will not store any Face ID information from the user. Further, Messenger users will also be able to customize how long they want the app to wait before locking Messenger and requiring Face ID authentication again.

What’s odd, however, is that Wong found this code within the Android version of Messenger. It’s clear that this is a very early build, indicating that the feature may not even make it to iPhones. However, adding Face ID authentication does seem like the logical step, especially since it doesn’t require any additional data sharing with third parties.

Given that we’re already seeing a screenshot of the feature, albeit with a few typos, one can hope to find this feature on future iterations of Facebook Messenger for iPhone. While it’s unclear if this will also include Touch ID support for older iPhones, we don’t see any reason why it would be excluded.

Given that Messenger can also handle payments in some markets including the U.S., adding Face ID should be considered more seriously by the social media giant. Following the criticism it received over the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, Facebook has implemented multiple security safeguards for its users.

What do you make of this under-development feature?

Source: @wongmjane

Via: Cult of Mac