How To Download Photos From iPhone To Computer

Transferring photos from iPhone to computer is a pretty regular process that focus are interested in. Not everyone wants keep all of their photos in the Cloud, and would much rather have them over on another machine, instead of taking up precious storage space on the iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to make this happen. You can create a backup of your iPhone on iTunes, which includes music, photos, and all of your other iPhone data. Depending on the size of your data, this process can take hours, if not longer.


DearMob iPhone Manager

Transfer Photos and Files to Computer Quickly

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So how can you you fix this problem and streamline the process? Follow along below, and we’ll show you how even the layman can move over photos on the iPhone to the computer in a jiffy. Let’s dive right in.

Why not use iTunes?

As we mentioned, you can move your photos from iPhone to iTunes via a backup process, but one of the problems with Apple’s software is that you can’t transfer photos directly from the iPhone to your computer. Sure, iTunes has Photo Sync, but that’s for transferring photos from your computer to your iPhone, not the other way around.

Luckily, there’s some alternative software to transfer your iPhone photos directly to your computer, and without the burden of iTunes — DearMob’s iPhone Manager.

DearMob iPhone Management

DearMob’s iPhone Manager has a number of benefits for transferring photos from iPhone to computer over, say, the Apple Photos app or Windows’ File Explorer. First and foremost, DearMob’s iPhone Manager run independently of any Apple service. The benefit to this is avoiding errors and glitches, nor will you be locked into Apple’s ecosystem this way.

It’s quite advantageous over other iPhone backup software as well. Much of this software needs you to download iTunes, or might rely on something like “Apple Support Service” or “Apple Mobile Device Support.” Most of that software has to have those background services to even connect up to iOS. With DearMob iPhone Manager, you don’t need to worry about any of this because it runs as a completely independent application.

The nice thing about iPhone Manager is that you can download a free version of it in order to take it for a spin before buying. A lot of features will be locked, but you can unlock them by purchasing a license.

And for a limited time only, you can snag a DearMob iPhone Manager license for free. DearMob is currently running a sweepstakes, handing out free licenses to anyone who enters their email. On top of that, you’ll be entered to win a sweepstakes where you’ll be entered to win a DJI OSMO Mobile 2, as well as some other accessories.

Backup, backup, and backup!

The important thing to do before moving files around and messing with any sort of file management system is to backup your iPhone! Accidents, malware, and errors within file transfers happen all of the time. Backing up protects you against these things by providing you with something that you can revert back to in the event that things go haywire.

The iPhone has quite a few options for backing up its software. You can use iTunes to create a backup of your iPhone. This can take quite some time when creating a new backup, so be sure to be prepared to let it run over night. You’ll need to have your iPhone wired up to your computer to start the process, as well as have iTunes installed.

Another options available to you is through iCloud. Apple gives you some free space, which allows you to send a backup directly to the Cloud. That way, your backup is available to you from anywhere, allowing you to restore your phone, from, well, anywhere! There are other backup options on the ‘net that you can consider as well, but these are two of the most popular and reliable ways to do it.

How to download photos from iPhone to computer

To get started, make sure your iPhone is plugged into the USB-A port on your computer or laptop. A USB-A to Lightning cable should be all you need, unless your computer uses a USB-C I/O only. For that, you’ll need to make sure you have a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have a copy of iPhone Manager on your computer. You can grab it for yourself here. Keep in mind that DearMob offers licenses for both Windows and Mac, making the program pretty versatile.

Once it’s downloaded and installed, you’ll want to open the program. You’ll want to select the section that says Photo Transfer. The software should be able to automatically recognize your iPhone and iPad, if you have it plugged in. You can press the “Sync” button, which should make all of your photos and videos appear on the main window.

Next, you can click on your Camera Roll, select all of your photos, and then you can click on the Export button to export them to your computer or Mac. iPhone Manager is able to even do this with your iCloud category in your gallery. Once you hit that Export button, iPhone Manager moves all of your photos — regardless of the file size of your library — in seconds. It’s so much faster than doing an iTunes backup, or moving them over to your computer one by one. It’s worth noting that you can selectively transfer photos as well.

DearMob’s iPhone Manager actually has a way to auto convert file types as well. HEIC file types can automatically be converted to JPG, and still transfer over in seconds. To do this, instead of pressing the Export button, you’ll want to click the arrow next to it. Then, click Export HEIC to JPG.

As we mentioned, iPhone Manager is fast. Even if you’re taking photos in resolution like 4K, iPhone Manager is able to complete the export process in seconds. You don’t have to have a huge time investment to complete the process like you would in iTunes or another program.

Export with encryption

If you have some sensitive photos on your iPhone that you don’t want people snooping around on, you can encrypt your photos during the Export process. Before pressing the Export button, you can simply check the box that says Export with Encryption. Then, press the Export button. Files won’t be saved as a JPG, but will instead be saved as a .DEARMOB. To open one, you’ll have to open it with the iPhone Manager, and then de-encrypt those files under the Data Security option.

Sync computer photos to iPhone

DearMob’s iPhone Manager makes it easy to send photos already on your computer to your iPhone as well. Keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure your iPhone has plenty of storage space to upload the size of the photos being moved over.

On the left hand side of the screen, press the + button to create a new album. Then, name the album. From there, press the big blue Add Photos button in the main window. This will open File Explorer, and then you can choose the photos or albums that you want to add to this album. Once they have been added to your newly created album within iPhone Manager, you can press the big blue sync button in order to send them to your iPhone.

iPhone Manager is pretty fast in this regard, too. After you press that sync button, photos are sent to your iPhone in just a couple of seconds.


It’s a little strange, but DearMob’s iPhone Manager seems to split up photo transfers and video transfers. So you’ll have to close out of the program and open it again, or head back to the Main Menu. Instead of clicking on the Photo Transfer options, you’ll need to select Videos this time.

Just like Photo Transfer, DearMob’s iPhone Manager separates your videos into categories, such as Home Recorded, Movies, Music Videos, Camera Roll, and so on. You can press the Export button to send all of those to your PC. Videos can be traditionally large in size, but that’s still no problem for iPhone Manager. Even videos in a 4K file format can be transferred over to your computer in just a couple of seconds.

iPhone Manager has an option to optimize videos as well. This allows you to reduce the original file size without affecting the original resolution of the file. This optimization frees up storage space on your computer so that you can keep more photos and videos on your computer.

There’s other tools as well — such as the ability to convert ePub files to PDF, TXT, and even HTML formats. This tool even allows you to convert SMS to PDF so that you can easily view text messages on your computer.

Encrypt videos with iPhone Manager

Similar to Photo Transfer, you can encrypt videos with iPhone Manager as well. Before pressing the Export button, you can simply check the box that says Export with Encryption. Then, press the Export button. Your videos won’t be saved in the traditional video format, but will instead be saved as a .DEARMOB. To open one, you’ll have to open it with the iPhone Manager, and then de-encrypt those files under the Data Security option.

What about music?

As an added bonus, iPhone Manager wants to be your go-to iTunes replacement, so it also transfers over music files. Instead of clicking on Photo Transfer or Videos on the main menu, you can click on the Music category. With your iPhone connected, you can easily import and export music files, sync your music, add music, create playlists, and more, all from iPhone Manager!

To break it down, Export copies all of your music to your computer. Add Music allows you to upload music from your computer to iPhone Manager, and then, you can press Sync to copy all of that over to your iPhone — including any newly created playlists you might’ve made!

Other bonuses

iPhone Manager comes with some other bonuses as well. For example, if you have an iPhone photo that you aren’t able to delete, iPhone Manager is able to delete it once and for all. It also gives you options like the ability to export editing and original photos over to your computer as well. iPhone Manager is also able to transfer over live photos in their original file format as well. It’ll let you keep the original Live Photo, as well as frame by frame selections.

Finally, iPhone Manager allows you to export photos with and without geo tag photo, also exporting the original copy to your computer as well.


As we mentioned earlier, it’s fairly unfortunate that iTunes doesn’t support photo transfers directly from iPhone to computer, but that’s why programs like DearMob’s iPhone Manager exists. Download this to your computer or Mac, and you’ll be able to easily and quickly transfer photos to your computer in the way that you want. As an added bonus, you won’t have to have a massive time investment to sit by iTunes and wait for backups and such to finish. iPhone Manager completes tasks in seconds.

If you still haven’t picked up a copy, you can grab one here. Or, you can take part in DearMob’s iPhone Manager sweepstakes, where you can enter in your email to grab a copy for free. On top of that, you’ll be entered to win awesome phone accessories like the DJI OSMO Mobile 2.

Have you used iPhone Manager yet? Sound off in the comments section below!