Dealing With Various Internet & Network Problems On iPhone 11 Pro after iOS 13.2.3 update

Internet and network problems are inevitable among mobile devices given that many factors can trigger the symptoms. Random internet problems triggered by minor firmware glitches usually disappear on their own while others require some little tweaks as quick remedies. Nonetheless, there are some internet problems that neither banished nor be resolved by some workarounds. This is usually the case if the underlying cause is from within the network base or your internet service provider. Tackled in this post are five of the most common internet and network problems encountered by many iPhone owners. These problems are also transpiring among the post-update issues faced by some owners of iPhone 11 after installing the latest iOS 13.2.3 update. These problems can be due to some software errors, if not server issues. Read on for more information.

Common internet and network problems that can possibly occur on your iPhone 11 Pro after iOS 13.2.3 update

The following are five common internet and network problems seen on the iPhone 11 handset following the iOS 13.2.3 update implementation. Find out more about why these problems occur and what to do in order to deal with each of them.

Problem 1: iPhone 11 Pro won’t pair or connect to a Bluetooth accessory

This is when your iPhone suddenly refuses to pair or just couldn’t pair with or connect to a Bluetooth accessory. The underlying cause could be from within your iPhone system or the Bluetooth accessory that you’re trying to pair with your iPhone 11. Incompatibility issues like if the Bluetooth accessory is not supported by your iPhone 11 or vice versa, proximity between the two devices, and software-related errors including your iPhone settings that aren’t properly configured to ensure a successful Bluetooth pairing. Rebooting both devices as well as turning Bluetooth off and on will usually be able to rectify minor glitches that might have prevented either devices to pair or connect as intended.

Problem 2: iPhone 11 Pro cannot receive emails in Mail app

This can be an isolated problem with the Mail app but can also be due to some network connectivity issues on your iPhone. In the case where the symptoms started after updating your iPhone, an iOS bug is likely to blame. There are various methods to deal with this problem. You can start with a device restart to clear out minor software glitches and errors on the phone. Adjusting some settings on your iPhone like disabling restrictions can also be the key to resolving the issue. Deleting and re-adding the email account may also be necessary if the problem is attributed to a corrupted email address.

Problem 3: iPhone 11 Pro shows no service error

A No service error is common to many old iPhone variants but for some reason, it still emerges among the widespread network problems encountered by the owners of the new iPhone flagship devices. A no service error typically denotes that your iPhone is not getting any service from the cellular network. It could be due to some system errors on your iPhone. In some cases, this error had also occurred when enduring account-related issues as well as when the SIM card in use is corrupted or worse, damaged. Removing and reinstalling the SIM card usually takes care of this error but in some cases, more advanced solutions are needed.

Problem 4: iPhone 11 Pro Wi-Fi connection is very slow and unstable

A slow internet and unstable internet connection is likely due to the Wi-Fi network or network equipment in use. The network equipment I’m referring to is either a wireless router or modem that’s provided by your internet service provider. Like any other electronic devices, wireless routers and modems also succumb to random firmware crashes. When this happens, various types of internet and network problems could instigate. And that would include slow internet browsing or intermittent connection. There are also some instances when the problem is isolated to the browser app in use. Thus, clearing the browser’s cache and cookies can also be considered among the possible solutions. Power-cycling the wireless router or modem is also deemed as an effective solution to these problems.

Problem 5: iPhone 11 Pro cannot connect to Wi-Fi

This is when your iPhone refuses, if not, unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Should the problem be due to an iOS bug, performing a network reset will usually be able to address it. Otherwise, you’ll have to try other methods such as modem/router restart, iPhone restart or soft reset, network settings modification. Also consider positioning the iPhone close to where the wireless router or modem is installed. Devices that can cause possible Wi-Fi interference must also be removed so as to ensure nothing is interfering with the Internet syncing process. 

There are still a lot of other internet and network-related problems you may encounter on your iPhone, not only after installing a new iOS update but even when doing nothing on your phone. The latter is usually when a temporary network outage is present. You can visit our troubleshooting page to view other internet problems that you may be facing in the future, along with the recommended solutions.