How to Create a New Tik Tok Account in 2 Minutes 2021

Tik Tok has been the talk of the town lately. It has surge as one of the most popular apps that is meant to provide entertainment. And if you’re being carried away by this hype, learn how to create a new Tik Tok account in just a matter of 2 minutes. 

People these days are always eager to express themselves over social media platforms. It is like having  an outlet to enjoy by means of singing, dancing or a little bit of acting. And this may have been the reason why Tik Tok became popular worldwide. 

This app is now being used by over 1 billion users around the globe and the numbers are still growing. Its users are ranging from those 13 – 30 years of age. And even if you’re not in that bracket, you can still use this app and create your account. As they say, technology has no age limit. 

Since a lot of people are going gaga over this app, this article will help those that are not tech savvy in creating a new account for Tik Tok. It should be very easy to follow and the steps are basic. Let’s move on and find out how you can use the Tik Tok app and create a new Tik Tok account in 2 minutes.

Create your New Tik Tok Account

Time Needed : 02 minutes

Here the basic steps for creating a Tik Tok account: 

  1. Download the App through the App Store if you’re using iOS or Playstore if you’re using an Android phone. Once done, open the Tik Tok App.

    create a new tik tok account

  2. Go to Me. It is at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    tik tok sign up

  3. Tap on Sign Up.

    sign up for tik tok account

  4. Select the method on which you would like to create the account.

    If you have a Facebook account or other social media platforms, that is the easiest way for you to create the account.

    tik tok method to sign up

  5. Enter your the needed information and follow the rest of the on-screen prompts.

    create a new tik tok account

  6. It will route you back to the Home page. Click on Me again.

    You should see your profile and that means that you’ve created your new account.  Just fill in your Bio to optimize the Tik Tok App.

    tik tok new profile new acccount

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Tik Tok App

And there you go! You now have your new Tik Tok account. Just explore your options and begin spreading positivity to the world. Enjoy the app to your heart’s content. 

I hope that you’ll find this article helpful. If so, don’t forget to spread the good news to your friends and colleagues. We also have our Youtube channel if you want to explore more information with tutorial and troubleshooting videos. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thank you! 

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