How to Change Your Gmail Password [Help Guide]

If you want to change your Gmail password but don’t know how, we have mapped out simple instructions to get this matter done. Continue reading…

Is there a time you’ve become so worried thinking that someone might have accessed your Gmail account? Or you’ve previously shared your password to your partner but you have realized that it isn’t a good idea to do so?

Keeping our email account and contents safe should always be our main priority. If you feel like your Gmail account has been compromised, you can secure your account again by changing its password. The process may be tedious, but believe me, it’s worth a try.

Highlighted below are the steps on how you can change your Gmail password. Doing so will prevent others from accessing your account again. Feel free to start whenever you are ready…

Steps To Change Your Gmail Password

Time Needed : 05 minutes

The steps and illustrations below will help you change your Gmail password. Please follow the procedure accordingly.

  1. Launch your browser and open

    change your gmail password

  2. Enter your Gmail password then click on Sign In.

    change your gmail password
    However, if you are already logged in to your Gmail account from the time you launched, skip this and move to the next step.

  3. Select the Settings icon.

    The Settings icon is located on the top-right corner.

    change your gmail password

  4. Scroll to and click on Settings.

    change your gmail password

  5. Then select Accounts and Import menu.

    change your gmail password

  6. Then click on Change password.

    This option can be found under Change account settings.

    change your gmail password

  7. A new page will open and you will be asked to enter your current password, and then click on Next.

    change your email password

  8. Then type in your new password and then click on CHANGE PASSWORD.

    Make sure that your new password meets the requirements.

    change your gmail password

  9. You will receive a confirm once the password reset has been successfully.

    change your gmail password

  • Desktop
  • Gmail account

Once you have successfully changed your Gmail password, you will be logged out from the other devices you were logged in. Anyone who has your previous password can no longer access your Gmail account, unless provided by the new password.

It is highly recommended not to share your password to anyone. In addition, email providers also advise their users to regularly change their passwords for security purposes.

Changing your password will not only limit those whom you’ve shared your password from accessing your account, but also prevent constant access from hackers. It is also ideal to change your password if you lose your laptop or smartphone which will prevent the person who found the device from gaining access to your email account using the saved password.

And that covers everything about changing Gmail password. I hope we are able to help you one way or another. If you have other concerns regarding your smartphone, please visit our website. You can also check our YouTube Channel for more tutorial videos and troubleshooting guide. Thanks for your time!