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Apple Remains the Most Valuable Brand in the World for the 7th Consecutive Year

Global branding consultancy firm, Interbrand, has posted its list of the top 10 most valuable brands in the world, and Apple has unsurprisingly managed to top the list. Interestingly, this is the 7th consecutive year that Apple is retaining the top spot. The list also includes other brands like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and so

Apple Sending out iPadOS and iOS 13.1.3 Updates with Bug Fixes on Board

Just as Apple sent out incremental iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 updates a few weeks ago, another update has started reaching devices today, namely iOS 13.1.3. These updates cover owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. As far as the changelog is concerned, it simply says “iOS 13.1.3 includes bug fixes and improvements for

How To Fix Common iPhone 6 Plus Problems [Part 13]

While considered one of the hottest and most advanced smartphones in the market today, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is not perfect. Users continue to uncover annoying issues here and there although they don’t seem to diminish the popularity of this gadget. This post covers some of the commonly occurring problems on this wonderful device so

Report: Apple’s In-House 5G Modem May Not Be Ready Until 2023

It’s not a secret at this point that manufacturers are pushing to get 5G modems onto their smartphones. While Apple skipped the 5G bandwagon this year, there are multiple hints that it will offer a 5G iPhone by next year. However, the 5G modem on this iPhone will come from Qualcomm, which is the only

How to fix iPhone X with out-of-focus and blurry camera

Some #iPhoneX users have reached out to us to ask help for their blurry photos so this post is our response for them. Blurry images can be a product by a software glitch or a hardware malfunction so in this troubleshooting article, we give you the steps that you can try to identify where the

iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max Score Well on DxOMark’s Latest Audio Test

iPhone 11 Pro

DxOMark is a well known independent group that tests the performance of modern smartphones. While its testing is mostly limited to camera performance, the folks have recently opened up an audio testing series that compares the playback as well as recording performance of each new smartphone. For this test, the company picked the iPhone XS