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How to fix iPhone X with out-of-focus and blurry camera

Some #iPhoneX users have reached out to us to ask help for their blurry photos so this post is our response for them. Blurry images can be a product by a software glitch or a hardware malfunction so in this troubleshooting article, we give you the steps that you can try to identify where the

5 Best MacBook Alternative In 2019

Apple has done amazing things with the MacBook, creating a sleek design and powerful experience all in one package. It’s gotten wonderful software support as well, garnering mottos from the community like “it just works.” Not only that, but the MacBook has great portability with its slim design and long battery life. On the other

How to charge Apple Watch 4

Your Apple Watch 4 is only as good as its battery for it will be useless without power. It’s important that you check the battery level from time to time and charge the watch before the battery is completely depleted. Some users complained having issues charging their Apple Watches after letting them drain their batteries

How To Fix Common iPhone 6 Plus Problems [Part 13]

While considered one of the hottest and most advanced smartphones in the market today, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is not perfect. Users continue to uncover annoying issues here and there although they don’t seem to diminish the popularity of this gadget. This post covers some of the commonly occurring problems on this wonderful device so

What to do if iPhone X speaker is not working during calls

Hello iPhone fans! Today’s troubleshooting post will address some issues about the #iPhoneX. Some users have reported to us about their new iPhoneX suddenly having issues during calls such as microphone and speaker not working, or wifi and bluetooth not turning on. If you encountered any of these problems recently, be sure to check our

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors and How To Fix Them

Ever since we’ve started posting support articles for various devices, we received a lot of emails from our readers who were bugged by problems while using their smartphones. This post will tackle, at least, ten of the most common problems and errors with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The actual emails from our reader are