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Solved iPhone 8 Plus Will Not Charge

One of the latest #apple smartphones available in the market is the #iPhone8Plus. This phone is an improvement over the iPhone 7 Plus which is why they share a similar design. This new model however has improved hardware specs that make it perform a little bit better. Although this is a solid performing device there

Solutions to iPhone 8 No Sound issue [troubleshooting guide]

Hello #iPhone8 users! Today’s troubleshooting article addresses a common issue for the iPhone line models — a No Sound problem. No sound issue can take many forms including the rare but possible speaker failure. In many cases, iPhone owners report no sound issue when only one app is actually having an issue. We’ll cover that

Five ways to recover deleted SMS on your iPhone 8 [tutorial]

Everyone has his or her reason why some messages ought to stay. For some, text messages may be the only remaining reminders from their loved ones, while others may hold life and death information. Though we don’t recommend that you keep important text messages in your iPhone only, a lot of people do. If you

How to fix an iPhone 8 camera app that keeps crashing [troubleshooting guide]

Every app can fail and that includes the pre-installed camera app from Apple. In most instances, Apple quickly fixes problems with their apps by releasing updates that most users will not even notice. However, if you’ve only recently realized that your #iPhone8 camera app appears to be crashing frequently for no apparent reason, it’s probably

How to fix iPhone 8 Plus not connecting automatically to home wifi

iPhones may sometimes fail to autoconnect to a previously connected wifi network for a lot of reasons. In this short troubleshooting article, learn what to do if your iPhone 8 Plus is unable to connect to your home wifi even after doing some basic troubleshooting. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that if