iPhone 8 won’t turn on after it got wet by rain, drains battery fast, other issues

Some #iPhone8 users have started asking us for solutions regarding their device not charging or not turning on. This troubleshooting article answers some of these issues so hopefully you’ll find our solutions effective.

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Below are specific topics we’re bringing for you today:

Problem 1: iPhone 8 won’t turn on after it got wet by rain

I was on my phone while walking outside in the rain and when I got inside I dried it off and it was working perfectly fine. but then the home button stopped working and I got a message about it is going to need maintenance and at this point I was mad. 10 minutes later it turns off and doesn’t turn back on. I don’t know what to do since the phone is supposed to be water resistant but can’t handle water drops makes me disappointed. — Joshua Galatilis

Solution: Hi Joshua. According to official Apple website, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices are IP67 IP67 certified. This certification means that the device is dust and water resistant. An iPhone 8 can be submerged in water for up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes without succumbing to water damage. However, it doesn’t mean that you should swim with it. Any unnecessary pressure surrounding the device may compromise its water resistance properties. Occasional exposure to raindrops should be okay as long as you dry the phone thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth afterwards. As long as your phone’s water resistance protection wasn’t compromised before the phone got wet, you can rest assured that rain has nothing to do with the problem.

Charging port is wet

The most likely reason why the phone does not appear to power on at this time is a depleted battery. Since your iPhone won’t charge if it detects moisture in the charging port, you want to make sure that your phone is entirely dry, especially in the charging port area.

In drying your iPhone, first you want to use clean, soft cloth. If there’s moisture in the charging port, you can try to use a hair dryer to hasten water evaporation. Water normally evaporates in time but to make the process faster, a couple of minutes of blowing warm air in the charging port should do. Don’t use too much blowing power when drying it with a hair dryer to avoid pushing tiny moisture in inaccessible parts inside.

Alternatively, you can place your phone beside warmth-producing electronics like a TV or computer tower. Do not place the phone near an oven, furnace, or direct sunlight. Doing so can permanently damage some hardware components. Let your phone air dry for as long as 24 hours to ensure that there’s no moisture left in the charging port.

Use different set of charging cable and adapter

One other troubleshooting step that you can do is to use another known working set of lightning cable connector and adapter. If you have another iPhone device, consider using its cable and charge to see if there’s a difference when charging. If your phone remains dead and shows no signs of charging, try plugging it to a computer to see if iTunes recognizes it.

Contact Apple support

If our suggestions above won’t help at all, you must seek the help of Apple to resolve the issue. Your case may end up with either repair or phone replacement but at least you’ll know that trained personnel check your phone first.

Problem 2: iPhone 8 won’t turn on due to broken charging port

My iPhone is unable to turn on. There has been trouble with charging for a long time, like it would only charge when the cable is plugged in at a certain angle. However, right now it cannot turn on at all. I’ve tried charging it overnight, where the phone showed the charging screen, but never got past that. I tried to do a soft reset by holding the home and sleep button but to no avail. Right now when I plug my iPhone in there isn’t even the charging screen as well. Could you help with this issue? — Marcus

Solution: Hi Marcus. We think that there’s a problem with your iPhone’s charging port. One of the common indicators of a bad charging port is its sensitivity when the charging cable is moved. The charging port may have simply died for whatever reason, hence preventing you from charging the battery. A drained battery, in turn, can’t power the device up resulting to the situation you’re in right now. Since you won’t be able to use the phone at all at this time, you need to address the root cause first — the bad charging port — by having it checked and replaced if necessary. Please contact Apple for repair.

Problem 3: iPhone 8 won’t charge, won’t turn on

Hi. My iPhone 8 was working until this morning when suddenly the battery died. Now usually when you plug it on charger it hardly takes 2 minutes to go back on. However, it took me by surprise when its almost 12 hours and the phone isn’t back on. I’m actually losing my shit right now, coz its a phone i bought 3 months ago. please help me fix this. i tried holding the side and volume down button to boost it but nothing happened. it’s exactly the same. i tried leaving it on charge for about 3 hours hoping it’ll go on but still nothing happened. — Zeinab Sheibany

Solution: Hi Zeinab. There are four possible causes for your issue:

  • software glitch
  • battery is dead
  • charging port is broken
  • unknown motherboard error

Since your phone no longer charges right now, there’s no way for you to check if bad software is to blame. Unless you can power the phone back on, you won’t be able to perform any software troubleshooting at all. This leaves you with three possibilities — battery is dead, charging port is broken, unknown motherboard error. This means that you need a technician’s help to open the phone up and check the affected hardware. Like what we tell Joshua and Marcus above, the best course of action for you is to contact Apple so they can perform hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Problem 4: iPhone 8 drains battery fast

Dear whoever it may concern, I’ve been an Apple user since February this year and so far I was quite satisfied with what my iPhone was providing me with. But lately I’ve been facing a problem while charging my phone. It doesn’t go over 70 % of battery no matter how long I would charge it. I was really careful with taking care of battery (was never leaving it over night to charge, at least once a month would be draining the battery fully to 0% and then recharge it). But ever since iOS 11.0 came out, my battery has been dealing with some problems, in a manner of being worse and worse. Before the whole battery would last me at least a fully working day, now I have to charge it mostly every 4-5 hours. And this is killing me. I hope that this might be some kind of error just within my phone, I’d hate to be forced to changed it. I am in no position to do it now, financially speaking. Best regards. — Miroslav Vovna

Solution: Hi Miroslav. Battery drain issue on any smartphone is always a problem. In a lot of cases, older iPhones seem to exhibit the issue more often than newer ones like your iPhone 8. That’s because newer operating systems can become more demanding for older platforms compared to newer, more powerful hardware like the one in your iPhone 8. For example, you can expect that a lot of iPhone 6 devices will drain their batteries faster because their hardware has to work harder in order to meet the demands of the newest iOS version.

In your case, we think that battery drain issue you’re encountering right now is due to how you set your phone up and your usage habits at this time. It’s undeniable that we seem to use our phones more after an operating system upgrade than when it’s running an older iOS version. The more you use your phone, the faster the battery drains. If you can’t resist the temptation of checking the new features of iOS 11 every few minutes, don’t get surprised when your phone’s battery can’t last a day.

Install app updates

Updates not only bring new features but also occasional patches for known bugs. Since there’s no such thing as perfect app, developers constantly release improvements to fix problems with their products. Some apps may be fully battery efficient while others may be the opposite. To minimize problems at all times, make sure that you only install ones that are fully up-to-date.

Uninstall apps you don’t need

It’s easy to install apps and forget about them a few days later. Apps you don’t need not only occupies precious storage space but some can even contribute to faster battery drain. Apps that regularly connects to servers to get new contents can regularly run in the background, taxing the processor and the battery. The more apps of this kind you have installed, the higher the chance of battery drain issue occurs. The general rule is to only install apps that you need. Go over your list of apps and remove games and apps that you haven’t used in the last 2 weeks. Chances are, you really don’t need them at all so they’re better off removed from the system. You can simply re-install them if you think you’ll use them again. Remember, the more apps you install, the faster the battery drains. Keep your apps updated and few and you should be good to go.


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