9 Best Parking App For iPhone

Metropolitan areas like New York City, Boston, Minneapolis, and Chicago are super exciting. There’s all sorts of different foods to try, sights to see, and things to do. If you’re a business professional, there’s a lot of networking to be had and money to be made in these cities as well. Unfortunately, whether you’re traveling for fun or for work, find parking can eat into your time substantially, and that’s just because there’s so many people visiting and working in these major locations. Luckily, with the way technology is these days, you can save yourself plenty of time by using a parking app for iPhone to find yourself parking.

Not sure which one to pick up for your iPhone? Follow along below, and we’ll show you some of our favorites. Here are our top picks.

Best Parking App For iPhone


1. PassPort Parking

PassPort Parking is the stress-free way for easy parking. With PassPort Parking, you can pay quickly and securely with your iPhone. It’s so much easier and much more convenient that feeding coins into a meter, or trying to get the meter to recognize your credit card, even. No more filling the meter in the bitter cold, or trying to shove coins in it in the middle of a bustling thunderstorm.

Keep your card information on file, set the time allotment that you want for your space, and then pay, and you’re good to go! PassPort Parking even lets you see current rates and future rates, even when they’re free!

Download it now: App Store


2. Parking.com

Parking.com is a little more of a cluttered parking app, but has some excellent features inside. One of the particularly nice things about Parking.com is that it has partnered with garages and companies in eighty different cities all over the world, so you can use this in most major areas.

Whether you’re looking for city parking, commuter parking, special event parking, monthly parking, or airport parking, or just discount parking, Parking.com can help you find the spot that you want and the rates in your budget.

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3. BestParking

No matter where you are planning on traveling to BestParking allows you to quickly and easily find a good place for parking. Available in cities and airports all across the United States, BestPark will get your car parked in a jiffy.

One of BestParking’s best features it the ability to compare parking prices so that you always get the best rate, no matter the time of day. That’s what makes it one of our favorite apps for parking for iPhone.

Something you don’t normally see in parking apps, BestParking allows you to book parking at airports as well — so you don’t have to waste time finding parking at the airport, you can find it right on the app.

BestParking makes it easy for you to “sign in” to your spot — once you reserve and pay, you can open up the “digital parking pass”, which allows the attendant to pull up that information straight away.

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4. JustPark

JustPark is another excellent parking app for iPhone. JustPark, like some of the others on our list, allows you to easily find parking all over the world, not just the United States.

No matter where you’re going, you can find quick and easy parking with JustPark. They actually help manage over 20,000 reservable parking locations. Street parking, parking lots, parking garages, you name it, JustPark has it.

JustPark has everything you need to get your parking reservation squared away in the app — you can reserve, pay for it, and get instructions for the parking spot, and more.

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5. SpotHero

Coming in as our third contender, we have the SpotHero app. Download the free app and select your city of choice. It will then help you find any open and free spaces for parking your car. Can’t find free spaces? No problem! SpotHero works with a number of garages to help you identify open and paid-for spots, too. Tell it the day and time you want to park and it will give you prices allowing you to comparison shop for price and location. Then finally, you can book your spot in advance — just show up at your designated time!

Download it now: App Store


6. SpotAngel

SpotenAngel is next up on our list, and is actually a unique parking app because this one is entirely community based. Powered by you, the SpotAngel community, SpotAngel is available in a variety of large metro locations. Just enter the major city you’re visiting, and SpotAngel will be able to pull up a variety of open spaces.

Since SpotAngel users report when a spot opens up, you’re able to see free spots in real time. It shows where free parking and parking garages are so you don’t have to pay anything. Not only that, but this gives you a chance at nabbing a free sparking spot, saving you a ton of money in parking fees.

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7. Parkmobile

Parkmobile comes in at number one place, and it’s easily one of our favorites for finding parking in a major city or metropolitan area. Parkmobile has actually brokered with many garages across the US in order to offer you parking spots at steep discounts, actually up to 50% off.

It’s a huge savings in comparison to off-the-street costs. One of their highlights is the 24 hour, 7 day a week, top of the line customer service. Super helpful for negotiating or resolving any parking issues.

Download it now: App Store


8. PayByPhone Parking

Want an easy way to pay for your parking, instead of having to shove coins in a meter like a caveman? Then you’ll want to make sure that you have PayByPhone Parking on your phone — park your car at a meter, enter in the location tag into the app, and you’ll be able to assign that meter to your car.

You can enter in how much you want to pre-pay for your parking, and PayByPhone will even send you a notification when you’re running out of time. PayByPhone Parking is actually one of the few ways you can pay for parking with your Apple Watch, too!

Download it now: App Store


9. ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz is one of the best parking app choices for saving money on parking spots for your vehicle, or a group of vehicles. Similar to ParkMobile (which we’ll get to in a minute), ParkWhiz has brokered with garages all over the country to offer you steep discounts that you wouldn’t find if you just drove in off the street. ParkWhiz works all across the US, so if you’re visiting the Twin Cities, New York City, Boston, Seattle, or another major metropolitan area, you’ll have no trouble easily finding spaces for your car. ParkWhiz allows you to pay for your parking in advance, and you can even reserve your spot for the day. Or, if you’re in another city, you can just enter in the name, and see what’s available!

Download it now: App Store

Best Parking App For iPhone Verdict

Above are seven of the best apps that you can snag for finding parking in any major city across the United States. There is some international support, but not much. Download one of these on your phone, and it’ll save you the hassle of searching all over a city for parking on a street or inside of a garage. We recommend giving ParkWhiz or Parkmobile a try first, as they’ll save you some decent money!

Do you have a favorite parking app you use when you go on trips? Let us know what it is in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!