Best 4K Video Editor For Mac 2021

Years ago, we never quite imagined how accessible filming in 4K would be. It was insanely expensive when it first launched, but in just a matter of years, it’s everywhere and more affordable than ever. Even display formats like a 4K TV are really affordable to get into at around $400, sometimes less.

Recording platforms are just as accessible, with 4K cameras only costing a couple hundred dollars. Not only that, but 4K filming abilities are built right into our smartphones now!


Editor’s Choice

If you’re looking for a quality 4k Editor, we recommend VideoProc.  It’s easy to learn and runs extremely fast.


You can film in 4K with your iPhone, of course, but you need a good 4K video editor for Mac to turn the video into something that lets you turn that raw video into something presentable for friends and family. Not sure what 4K video editors are out there? Here are a few of the best that you can get started with.


VideoProc is an excellent program for the layman looking to turn their raw 4K footage into a story or presentation that makes sense for the viewer. Sure, there are plenty of other tools out there, but VideoProc was designed for beginner to pick up and run with.

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Tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas take a long time to fully master, but VideoProc lets you make all of your necessary adjustments on the fly.

VideoProc puts a bunch of basic editing tools in the palm of your hand — you’ll be able to start using tools like cut, crop, rotate, adjust and more almost straight away. There are plenty of other tools available to you as well — there is built-in support for adding watermarks, effects, subtitles, fix lens distortion, enhance video quality, speed up or slow down videos, brighten (iPhone) video and so much more.

This editing tool aims to be your go-to choice for creating presentable 4K video. It supports formats from all sorts of devices — like 4K video straight from your iPhone, action cameras like DJI, from DSLRs, and so much more.

VideoProc is an excellent choice for processing large amounts of data, too. It supports Level-3 hardware acceleration, which is able to make rendering a breeze. Video editors can take hours to render your video, but with VideoProc, it is actually 5x faster than other tools with this enabled. Except 4K video editing, VideoProc also nets you the power to save videos/playlists offline from 1000+ sites, convert videos, audios, DVDs to popular formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, MP3, iPhone, Android, etc; record iPhone/PC/Mac screen with voice, record with webcam to make tutorials, etc.

VideoProc is worth taking for a spin next time you need to edit raw 4K footage. They have a free trial available, which makes taking VideoProc for a spin essentially risk-free.

Download it now: VideoProc for Mac/Windows (US $78.90)

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Adobe Premiere Pro


Coming up in second place on our countdown, we’re looking at Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe has been an extremely well-known and integral brand in the video industry, so Premiere Pro is well-known for handling 4K video and beyond. Folks all over use it for creating beautiful video.

Not only that, but it’s a well known program for use in the cinematography space for creating TV shows, movies, and plenty of other media content.

As you an imagine — Premiere Pro has a massive set of creative tools for for editing video footage for TV, cinema, and the Web. It even has a storyboarding feature to create a make-sense workflow from start to finish. But the more tools you have, and the more complex tools there are, the more complicated it is to pick up and run with.

And while tools can quickly get complex, Adobe is trying to make things easier through its built-in automation software Adobe Sensei — it helps you save time by automating the video editing tasks that can be more of a grind.

One of the cool things about Adobe Premier Pro is that it can handle all sorts of formats. It works with 4K and below, but can also handle much larger data as well, including 8K and virtual reality.

While Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot more creative tools than VideoProc, it’s just way too difficult for the layman to start out using the program. VideoProc makes it much easier for the average person trying to create some decent video to show their friends. VideoProc is definitely more up your alley for those means, but Adobe Premiere Pro obviously takes the cake when it comes to commercial use, like in film and professional-level video.

And then there’s the major “con” to Adobe Premiere Pro — it’s crazy expensive. You can give it a shot on a 14-day trial, but after that, Premiere Pro’s creative tools don’t come cheap.

Download it now: Adobe (US $599.88/year)

Final Cut Pro


You can’t talk about the best video editors for Mac without mentioning Final Cut Pro. This is the go-to video editing program for Mac users, and has even been used with many commercial movies and professional video.  Movies like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, 300, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine are all products of the prowess of Final Cut Pro’s creative tools.

Final Cut Pro is an excellent tool, but before you go out and grab it, it can require some pretty high-end hardware. A base 15-inch MacBook Pro should do pretty well with it, but you’re really going to want a Mac Pro outfitted with some high-end hardware for processing large chunks of video data.

It has plenty of great features in it for editing video — it has a technology called Metal, which is used for accelerating tasks like rendering, compositing, real-time effects playback, and more. Rendering and other tasks take a long time, but that can speed up the process significantly.

Like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro has its own has something called Magnetic Timeline to make storyboarding easy, and give you an efficient workflow.

And you run into the very same “con” with Final Cut Pro — it’s ridiculously expensive. If you’re an average person looking to edit up some at-home video, VideoProc is probably your best best. But, if you want to take your video editing skills to the next level, Final Cut Pro could be your next best decision.

Download it now: Final Cut Pro (US $299.99 lifetime license)


If you’re looking for something a little more basic, like on the level of VideoProc, Apple’s iMovie is a great way to create some basic, yet beautiful video. You’re able to take raw, 4K footage from pretty much any device and create your own video with it. However, it won’t work with resolutions over 4K.

iMovie is a pretty basic program, since most of its editing features are all template-based. You can create soundtracks for your videos with the built-in sound features, use over 48 different special effects, use tools to speed up or slow down the action, and so much more.

iMovie can even be used to stabilize shaky video, such as in the case of footage from an action camera, like the GoPro or a choice from DJI.

Overall, it’s pretty easy to pickup and use, but certainly doesn’t have creative tools similar to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Download it now: iMovie


As you can see, you have plenty of options for 4K video editors for Mac. All of these are great applications, but are each intended for different audiences.

VideoProc is an excellent application for the layman looking to edit up raw footage with some pretty basic tools. It makes it easy to create a great looking presentation on the fly.

Adobe Premiere Pro on the other hand — while perfectly able to handle basic video editing — is more intended for professional use, thus the massive suite of creative tools available, as well as the price. It’s definitely more difficult to grasp as well.

Final Cut Pro, as we mentioned, is the go-to program for editing video on Mac. It’s a common program in commercial applications, but especially does an excellent job for those that need to create your average professional video for platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, to present at conferences, and so on.

That said, we recommend giving VideoProc a shot before trying anything else. It has a free trial — and paid licenses are being given away for free right now — so it’s basically a risk-free way to try a program that might be able to accomplish most of your basic video editing tasks.

What’s your favorite 4K video editor for Mac? Let us know in the comments section below.