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My iPhone Keeps Restarting After iOS 13.3. Here’s How You Fix It!


High-end devices like your Apple iPhone that keeps restarting may have some issues with its firmware. It could also be a sign of a hardware issue but there’s only so much you can do about it if that’s really the case. What you can do is rule out the possibility that it’s just a firmware

My iPhone Battery Dies Quickly After iOS 13.3. Here’s The Fix!

Typically, the iPhone battery could last up to 10-11 hours with normal usage. If you noticed that your iPhone battery charge is draining faster than normal, then that could be a problem that needs prompt solution. Highlighted below are a number of helpful battery-saving tips and troubleshooting methods that will help address iPhone battery dies

How to fix iPhone battery draining faster after iOS 13 update

One of the common post-update issues affecting both iPhones and iPads is on rapid battery draining. It’s been a dreaded problem since the early iOS updates and continues to emerge on the recently rolled out iOS 13 update. Highlighted below are generic solutions to post-update battery draining issues particularly on iPhones. Feel free to refer