Apple Store Employees Will Get Free Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple Music Starting January

Apple Store employees could be in for a treat as per new reports. It is said that starting January, the company will start offering its employees free subscriptions to Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade. This is an excellent giveaway for loyal employees of Apple, while it also serves as a way for them to learn more about the services they’re marketing in their stores. Apple also preloads Apple Arcade content on demo iPads and Macs in the stores.

As of now, almost every Apple Store has marketing for Apple Arcade as well as Apple TV+, its two newly launched services. The company hasn’t revealed the details of how many users it has added to either service, but Apple is historically known to be secretive about things like this.

As an extra bonus, Apple Store employees will also get $100 off on the Apple Watch from January until March. It is also worth noting that Apple is not limiting this to just a few workers and this freebie covers practically every Apple Store employee.

However, users cannot use Family Sharing for free and will be required to pay for it like everyone else. So this means that if the employees have Family Sharing turned on, they will need to switch it off before using this freebie. Apple previously offered discounts on the Apple Watch for its employees back in 2015, so this strategy is not particularly new for the company.

Are there any Apple Store employees among us? What do you make of this news?

Via: 9to5Mac