Apple Maps Now Has Its Own Version of Google Street View

The launch of Apple Maps was far from perfect for Apple. The issues were particularly alarming when Apple announced Maps with iOS 6 in 2012. In addition to providing incorrect directions, and even leading to some accidents, Apple decided to go through a complete overhaul of the system. Today, Apple Maps has seen another update, one that significantly improves map navigation experience for U.S. users.


Maps can now offer pedestrian data as well as precise addresses and better road coverage. Apple is also debuting “Look Around“, a feature that expects to rival Google’s Street View. However, Look Around is only available in some parts of the city as Apple gradually expands its list. The service is currently available in:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Houston
  • Oahu


“It is an effort we are deeply invested in and required that we rebuild the map from the ground up to reimagine how Maps enhances people’s lives — from navigating to work or school or planning an important vacation — all with privacy at its core. The completion of the new map in the United States and delivering new features like Look Around and Collections are important steps in bringing that vision to life,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software and Services.

Apple has also made some other minor adjustments to Maps, including enhancing existing features that users access every day. This update ensures that Apple Maps is finally on par with Google Maps, well to some degree anyway.

However, Apple still has some distance to cover if it has to counter Google’s vast expanse of features. However, the inclusion of these new enhancements will go a long way in getting almost every iOS user to use Apple Maps again.

Source: Apple

Via: Cult of Mac