Analyst Claims Apple Will Launch Four iPhones in Fall 2021

As per JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee, Apple could release four iPhones in 2023. This is interesting since previous reports had only discussed the possibility of three models. The prediction was made based on information accessed from related channels, and while Apple may end up having a different plan altogether, this does make sense given Apple’s intentions to diversify its iPhone lineup for a wider range of audiences.

The analyst adds that the iPhones will have 5G connectivity as well as OLED displays across the board, which again, contradicts previous reports that suggested retaining the LCD version of the iPhone as a potential successor to the iPhone 11 which offers great value with high-end hardware. He adds that Apple will release two 6.1-inch iPhones, one 6.7-inch iPhone, and a 5.4-inch iPhone.

It seems like the latter two iPhones will be the top-tier “Pro” and “Pro Max” models while the inclusion of a second 6.1-inch iPhone remains a mystery. Given that it’s still pretty early in the day, we highly recommend you to take this information with a grain of salt for the time being. This is also because Apple’s plans could change significantly going into 2020 and the company may even end up ditching the idea of a second 6.1-inch iPhone.

We’re just going to have to wait and watch to learn more about the matter. 5G, however, is expected to be available across the board on all upcoming iPhones. Apple is expected to use mmWave tech with the top-end iPhones to offer the fastest 5G speeds available, while the company may decide to go with the slower 6 GHz 5G spectrum for the entry leve iPhones. The 6 GHz network covers more area but doesn’t offer mmWave speeds.

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Source: CNBC

Via: MacRumors