Wireless Charging for Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Like many excited consumers, I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3 this past summer. It was the first smartphone I have ever purchased and one about which I heard many good things. Not only was it affordable; it was also one of the only top smartphones my phone carrier (US Cellular) offered for a new 2-year agreement. At this time, wireless charging was starting to take off. A little research here and there confirmed that wireless charging was a technology of the future – but there was nothing at the time in terms of wireless charging to adopt.

Wireless charging has become one of the newest technologies in the tech industry over the last five months. The technology allows you to replenish the battery in your smartphone without connecting to a wire to do so. There are a number of ways this can be done (wireless charging mat or plate, wireless charger battery case, etc.), but the goal of them all is to get you on the go without leaving your smartphone behind.

Wireless charging plates or mats such as that of the LG Nexus 4 tend to be used for home use only. If you have a Galaxy S3 and want to get into wireless charging, I highly recommend the Mophie Juice Battery Pack wireless charger case.

First, the look of the case is excellent. The Mophie Juice Pack case (white) appears identical to the S3 smartphone in terms of its design. With the exception of the small battery checker at the bottom back side of the case and the two volume buttons (up volume and down volume) to the left side of the case near the top, you would not know that your phone has a case on it. The identical nature of the wireless charger case provides your phone with protection from dirt, dust, smoke, water, and other natural elements without noticing the case at first glance. The camouflage nature of the Mophie Juice Pack will maintain your Galaxy S3’s protection and fashion simultaneously.

The battery checker is one feature on the wireless charger case that is pivotal for functionality. The checker comes as a silver portion on the back of the case, with a circle button that, upon pressing, displays the amount of battery power the case has at any given moment. When you press the left circle button, it has four small circles that will either light up to show the battery power remaining, or remain dark to show the battery case needs recharging. To the right of the battery checker is a red (off)/green (on) battery switch that you can move from left to right to cut the case charger on and off. The Mophie charger case will drain the case battery dry before it drains the phone battery – which means that, when your battery runs below 100%, your battery case has run out of power and your phone battery is being drained. Below the battery switch and checker come the USB cable connection. You can use your smartphone’s USB cable to charge both your battery case and smartphone battery at the same time.

At the top of the Mophie Juice Pack case (whether examining the front or back) there is a small piece that comes down on top of the case. The top piece has a section where you can plug in your headphones to listen to music and watch YouTube videos without blasting your sound for all the world to hear. The largest piece of the battery case consists of a small metal piece in the bottom of the wireless charger case that connects to the bottom of your S3 phone and acts as a wireless charger. In order to charge your phone wirelessly, you need to slide your phone down the battery case until it clamps onto the small metal wireless charger.

There are some differences between the case and the Galaxy S3, however. One difference is the volume buttons. The Galaxy S3 comes with one large volume button to the left side that you can press up or down when you want to increase or decrease the volume. The wireless charger case, however, comes with two buttons, one to raise the volume and one to decrease it. Another difference between the case and the S3 is that the case comes with the word “Mophie” at the bottom of the case (on the front), while the bottom of the S3 phone comes with a home button that you press to return to the phone’s main screen. The battery pack at the bottom back of the case differs from the S3’s back, which has the words “Galaxy S3” and the name of my phone carrier on the back top.

I have tested the Mophie Battery Pack wireless charger case and am pleased to report that the case battery lasts for 11 hours, if you put the phone on standby when it is not in use. The phone battery can last that long as well. In my tests with the case, the case battery and phone battery lasted for 30 hours (combined). If you are looking for the perfect wireless charging, do not go with mats (they’re too complicated and have too many parts); instead, go with the two-piece Mophie Juice Pack wireless charger case. The case currently costs $99.95 at mophie.com and ships within 1 to 2 days.

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