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How to unpair Apple Watch

While you can reset your Apple Watch back to its factory default settings, the recommended way to perform a master reset is by unpairing it from your smartphone. In so doing, you’re deleting all your data from your watch but your settings and preferences may remain. We don’t usually need to reset the Watch but

Over 7 million Apple Watches might have been sold already

Apple Watch - Sport

The #AppleWatch didn’t exactly receive the response that #Apple had initially expected with returns rate said to have been very high initially. However, there’s no denying that Apple has successfully managed to convince plenty of buyers about the potential of the Apple Watch as is evident from a new sales figure that’s popping out courtesy of

Apple Watch now selling at Target outlets and online

Apple Watch

The #AppleWatch has been available via #BestBuy for a couple of months now as we all know. However, #Target was also supposed to start selling the wearable soon. And the day has finally arrived with the retailer now offering the wearable through its online and brick-and-mortar outlets. If you happen to live close to a Target