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iPhone 6S Plus Can’t Connect To The Sprint Network

Today we will be addressing a problem that one of our readers has sent us concerning the #Apple #iPhone6SPlus. The phone can’t seem to connect to a particular carrier but it can connect to other carriers. This shouldn’t be the case if the device is unlocked. Let’s take a look at why this is happening

Sprint WiFi Calling officially active after the iOS 9.1 update

With #iOS9.1 rolling out to devices Apple devices, customers on Sprint’s networks will be pleased to know that this will officially enable support for the carrier’s WiFi calling features, thus letting you make calls over a WiFi connection. Here’s what Sprint had to say – “Following today’s release of iOS 9.1, iPhone customers on Sprint

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Details and Training Doucments Leaked

We all by now know that Spring has a Samsung 4G LTE mid-level smartphone on the way, but the details are very minimal, at least until now. Thanks to the Android Central gang, we’re know able to see what the specifications on the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE is. The Galaxy Victory will be powered