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How to fix an iPhone 8 that is charging very slow (easy steps)

When your iPhone is charging very slowly, something must have caused the charging system to not perform at its best. Most of the time, a faulty app is to blame. So if it just occurred to your device to charge very slow or not charge at all after installing a new app, then most likely

How to fix iPhone 6 slow charging issue, other power charging issues

Having power-related problems with your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (#iPhone6 #iPhone6Plus)? This post might be able to give you an idea where to start with your troubleshooting. Charging and boot problems on iOS devices are some of the common problems we usually encounter. The fact that there are many readers sending us requests

How to deal with slow charging problem on your Apple iPad Pro

Slow charging problems encountered by iOS device owners are usually due to hardware issues from bad charging equipment to a damaged component. But there are also some cases where software-related factors are to blame. The transpiring symptoms are either rectifiable or not depending on the underlying causes. Highlighted in this post are a few charging