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How to fix Siri that’s not working on your iPad Air 3 after updating iOS

Updates are primarily aimed at providing new features and system enhancements to a receiving device and thus, keeping the device system up-to-date is recommended. Nonetheless, not all updates render positive results upon installation. Thus many people succumbed to various types of post-update problems. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue on the iPad Air

How to Check New Messages with Siri

iPhone owners are quite familiar with Siri. This is Apple’s voice controlled personal assistant which allows you to interact with your phone using your voice. There are  lot of things you can do with Siri and one of these is to check your messages. How to Check New Messages with Siri Start Siri. You can

Google for iOS app gets support for always-on “Ok Google” commands

Although iOS has the Siri voice assistant by default, users have also been given the option to make use of Google’s offering, also known as Google Now. This is the default voice assistant on Android and comes with nifty voice search features which gives it an edge over the competitors. However, it has been found

Siri will call the police if you ask for your phone to be charged 100%

Siri iPhone

Let’s say you’re feeling a little adventurous one day and want to ask your virtual assistant to charge your phone. Well if you own an iPhone, you might want to refrain from doing that as it has been discovered that the phone will call the police voluntarily. Once the command is sent, the user only has