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Apple iPhone 7 Screen Rotation Problem: screen orientation not working, gyroscope/accelerometer not working, stuck on portrait or landscape view [Troubleshooting Guide]

Screen rotation issue has manifested among the first few display problems affecting the new iPhone 7 device. For some reasons, some of the iPhone 7 variants even those that are just recently purchased are depicting troubles when it comes to switching between portrait and landscape modes. Your iPhone display is similar to that of a

Apple iPhone 6s Plus Screen Rotation Problems: screen stuck on portrait mode, stuck on landscape mode, screen orientation not working [Troubleshooting Guide]

Just like papers iPhone displays also feature two screen orientations — portrait and landscape mode. By default, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus Home screen orientation is set to portrait mode or vertical/upward view. Unlike the special edition iPhone (SE), the 6s Plus home screen can be switched from portrait to landscape mode by simply changing