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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge stops by the FCC for testing

The newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has recently been spotted at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website with the FCC ID A3LSMN915A, which of course reveals the model number SM-N915A. All communications devices that will be marketed in the U.S. will pass through the FCC for approval and further testing. This is going to

White House Not Happy About “Big Papi” Seflie With President Obama

A lot of people are taking selfies lately since the photos can easily be shared in social networks. These photos are usually random and spontaneous however sometimes it can also be staged. One such selfie has made the White house unhappy as it is taken by Boston Red Sox David “Big Papi” Ortiz with President

Samsung Galaxy S IV To Have “Eye Scrolling” Feature?

Almost a week before its official unveiling, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV made headlines on Monday night after rumors suggested that the highly-anticipated smartphone will have a unique and exciting feature. The New York Times reported that one source who already had a chance to test out the Galaxy S IV said that the

$1-Billion Apple Award vs Samsung Reduced By $450 Million

Apple absorbed a serious setback in their patent battle with Samsung after a federal judge ordered to reduce the award given to the iPhone maker last year. Last year, Apple won a $1-billion award vs Samsung in one of their biggest patent battles after a jury said that the South Korean company copied patented features

Former Apple CEO Acknowledges Samsung as Apple’s Formidable Foe

[Photo Credit: CNN Money] Apple has spent the last five years selling its iPhone at the expensive end of the line, charging $200 for its contract smartphones and $649 for its off-contract smartphones. For years, carriers have listened to Apple and given in to Apple’s demands. As of late, however, some carriers (European) have decided

Galaxy S4 Rumored to Appear By Summer 2013

  It is that time of year again when the rumors heat up regarding the top electronics items over which consumers will drool. January is a perfect month to create hype and spread rumors about the latest gadgets to hit the consumer market. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 came out around the time that Google’s Nexus 7

Apple Agrees to Drop Patent Claims Against Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini

Apple will drop its patent lawsuit against Samsung’s Galaxy SIII Mini after the South Korean mobile phone giant announced that it would not sell the device in the United States. Apple filed a request to the US District Court for Northern California to include the new smartphone and several Samsung products in the ongoing patent

Samsung Seeks US Import and Sales Ban on Some Ericsson Products

Samsung Electronics lodged a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission asking the ITC for a US import and sales ban on some Ericsson products. The complaint was filed by Samsung after Ericsson also filed an ITC US import ban on several Samsung products for allegedly violating patent law. The South Korean company, who

Samsung Dethrones Nokia as Top Mobile Phone Brand in 2012

For the first time in 14 years, Nokia will not finish on top of the mobile phone business annual report after Samsung overtook the Finnish company as top mobile brand in 2012. According to a survey conducted by research firm IHS iSuppli, Samsung tallied 29 percent of worldwide shipment from 24 percent last year, while

Apple Loses Bid for US Market Ban on Samsung Smartphones

Apple’s request to ban Samsung smartphones from the US market was denied despite a ruling from a jury that the South Korean firm is guilty of patent infringement. But despite winning in the patent case, the judge said that Apple failed to prove that the patent violation affects the decision of people in buying their