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How to fix an Apple iPad Air (2019) that won’t turn on

So you just got a hold of Apple’s 3rd generation iPad Air and are elevated to explore all its new embedded features but only to be appalled by a new iPad that won’t turn on. Indeed it’s horrible but it can happen due to some factors involving the software or worst, hardware components. Read on

How to fix an Apple iPhone that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

While it’s so bizarre to hear of a new powerful smartphone won’t turn after a few weeks or months, it’s an inevitable occurrence among electronic devices and therefore it happens. So, don’t be surprised if one day you will just find out that your new iPhone isn’t turning on even if you’re certain that its

What to do if your iPhone 6 shows a yellow battery icon

Wondering why your iPhone 6 is showing a yellow battery icon? If that is so, then this post will explain it further for you. Read on to learn why your iPhone shows a yellow battery icon on its status bar and what to do to make it go back to its usual appearance. For smartphone