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Facebook Home Launch Was Copied From Windows Phone Event, Says Microsoft

A high-ranking Microsoft official accused Facebook of copying the concept of their Windows Phone Launch when the social-networking giant unveiled their “Home” software. In a statement that was posted on the official TechNet blog, Microsoft vice president of corporate communications Frank X. Shaw said that the Facebook Home launch event was significantly similar to their

Facebook Looking To Dominate On Android Phones With Their “Home”

Facebook is looking to take centerstage in the mobile computing market not with their own phone, but a heavily tweaked Android operating system that was unveiled by the company on Thursday. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled what they called “Facebook Home” or a collection of applications that focus around the social networking website,

Facebook News Feed Turns Into Personal Newspaper

Facebook unveiled the updated version of their news feed that was revamped to focus on photos that could also boost its appeal not only to users but also to different advertisers. Facebook co-founder Mack Zuckerberg led the unveiling of the new News Feed that was described as a “personal newspaper” that would feature news –