“Zero Down” Sale Part of T-Mobile Transition

    (Credit: TechnoBuffalo) T-Mobile has decided to end all of its two-year contract agreements in January 2013. The national carrier will move to unlocked phones and full-price, prepaid monthly plans with its customers – a feat that many believe will not be so easy to sell, at least initially. Although T-Mobile knows where it’s

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2 Receives Small Android 4.0.4 Update

  Updates are a welcome part of the smartphone experience. Since they only come once or twice a year (sometimes more), the excitement surrounding smartphone updates is contagious. If you are an AT&T customer and own Samsung’s Galaxy S2 smartphone, you most likely figured that the S2 would receive the Android 4.1 update. With AT&T,

Flipboard Finally Comes To 10 Inch Android Tablets

Flipboard, the highly popular news and social media aggregation app is now available for Android tablets. Now anyone with a Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, GALAXY Tab series, Nexus 10 or any other Android tablet for that matter will be able to enjoy their daily dose of news, blogs, social updates and more on Flipboard. “With

Brazil Gets The “IPhone”: IGB Electronica and Neo One

Apple’s lawsuit earlier this year brought out some interesting responses about not only Samsung, but also the entire smartphone industry. While Samsung and Apple were in court in northern California before Judge Lucy Koh, many an Apple fanboy took to blogs and tech sites to show their love for Apple and “school” every other manufacturer

The IPhone Name: IGB Electronica’s Right to Use It Explained

IGB Electronica intends to release its very own “iPhone” in 2013. With the release of a second “iPhone” line, some Apple customers and fanboys want to claim that it is a trademark violation by the Brazilian company. One notion that Apple customers must keep in mind is that the label “iPhone” existed long before Apple

An Update for the Update: iOS 6.0.2 Poses Further Problems

How can consumers live without Wi-Fi? Wireless Fidelity (called Wi-Fi, affectionately) allows consumers the ability to access the Internet and send emails, make purchases, listen to music, watch movies, and so on without impacting a user’s data plan. If you are currently under a two-year contract with a phone carrier, you will understand how significant

US Cellular Galaxy S III to receive Jelly Bean Update This Week

  It was said earlier this year that Android is not known for providing its updates quickly. There are a number of Android phones (particularly those on contract plans from 2 years ago) that still run Gingerbread (2.3); few run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and a tiny percent of the ICS crowd now has

Samsung Dethrones Nokia as Top Mobile Phone Brand in 2012

For the first time in 14 years, Nokia will not finish on top of the mobile phone business annual report after Samsung overtook the Finnish company as top mobile brand in 2012. According to a survey conducted by research firm IHS iSuppli, Samsung tallied 29 percent of worldwide shipment from 24 percent last year, while

Rumor: Nokia To Unveil Windows RT Tablet At Mobile World Congress

If you remember, back in March this year rumors about Nokia allegedly working on a Windows 8 based tablet had cropped up. The tablet in development was said to get into production in time for the launch of Windows 8. In fact, Nokia’s design head himself had confirmed that he was at the time working

The IPhone Meets Red Lobster: Lobster Mobile Telephone Case

Some restaurants are easy to remember; after all, the icon or mascot for the restaurant matches the name of the restaurant. Red Lobster is one of those restaurants; the symbol is a red lobster, and you can find lobsters in the restaurant aquariums when you walk into the place. I used to look at them