Sicphones Headphone Amplifier Seeks Kickstarter Funding

Here is a kind of Kickstarter project that we do not see too often. Sicphones, developed by Colin Shaw, is a headphone amplifier that provides audiophile level sound amplification for nearly quarter of the price of a high quality professional headphone amplifier. The chief component inside this amazing headphone amplifier is a Silicon Carbide transistor

Nokia Lumia 920 Details Leaked, Wireless Charging Will Be The Highlight

Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 New York event is just a few days away but the internet is already full of leaked images of the upcoming Lumia phones, describing their features. Now, The Verge has learned that Nokia is planning on introducing their new Windows Phone 8 devices with wireless charging capabilities and the charging ‘station’

Nokia Lumia 820 With Wireless Charging, Interchangeable Covers & More

Significant amount of information about the upcoming Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices were leaked on the internet last week, thanks to a Twitter post by a user named ‘evleaks’ These images showed both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820 handsets and the user also claimed that the Lumia 920 would come with

Acer Plans To Expand Smartphone Wing With 6 New Models For 2013

Acer is a well known player in the market when it comes to Windows based desktops and laptops, but the Taiwanese tech major is almost a non entity when counted in the world of smartphones. Acer did try to grow in the ever growing smartphone market by launching a couple of mid range Android operating

LG Flexible Batteries Are The Future

The tech industry has always evolved at a frenzied pace. At the least, the growth has always been exponential. The best examples are smartphones and tablets. It is now common for even a six month old smartphone and tablet to be termed obsolete as more powerful and faster devices take its place. But the current

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Details and Training Doucments Leaked

We all by now know that Spring has a Samsung 4G LTE mid-level smartphone on the way, but the details are very minimal, at least until now. Thanks to the Android Central gang, we’re know able to see what the specifications on the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE is. The Galaxy Victory will be powered

Samsung Rumored To Have 3 New Handsets Coming

While the Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II as its flagship device(s) for 2012, the company plans on bringing in more handsets to the forefront as well. Reports of 3 Samsung smartphones have just recently surfaced: the Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy S II Plus, and

HP Open Source WebOS Beta V 1.0 Is Now Out

HP first announced that it would relaunch the WebOS as an open source platform for developers in December last year. After nearly 9 months, HP has delivered on that promise by finally announcing the very first version of the open source WebOS. The open source version of the WebOS includes 54 open source components of

New Kindle Ebook Reader Images Get Leaked

The Internet retail giant, Amazon is expected to launch the next generation of its Kindle tablet lineup next week in an event in Los Angeles. The new lineup of tablets will most likely feature the second generation Kindle Fire mini tablet and the upgraded version of the company’s ebook readers like the Kindle Touch. But

Leak Reveals Upcoming Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Will Have PureView

A Twitter user by the name “Evleaks” has posted images of devices which he claims are the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Nokia. The first image shows three phones each in funky colors like bright red, yellow and gray, which the users claims are Nokia Lumia 920. The other image shows a bunch of