Samsung Seeks To Strengthen Music Hub Via Acquisitions

The South Korean electronics giant knows it lacks strength in the mobile software field and understands that to better compete with rivals such as Apple, Google and Amazon it needs to offer better software/hardware and software integration with its flagship smartphones and tablet devices. And the company’s top brass thinks the way to go ahead

Apple iPhone 5 now available in Ireland, fans rush in queue

A week after its official release in the UK and the US, Apple’s newest iPhone smartphone is now available in Ireland. A pack of eager Apple fans urgently stop at various phone shops in Dublin City despite the month’s harsh weather, hoping to be among the first ones to get hold of the sizzling hot

Schmidt Condemns Apple For Patent War, Dances ‘Gangnam Style’

In an event in South Korea held on Thursday to officially launch Nexus 7 tablets in the country, Google chief executive officer Eric Schmidt openly criticized Apple for relentlessly pursuing the war against Android operating system and Android smartphone manufacturers. He said Apple’s move was hurting the industry, limiting consumer choices and restricting innovation. Very

Critical Java Security Flaw Discovered Could Affect A Billion People

Security Explorations, a security research and analysis agency has discovered a new Java security vulnerability that could potentially put about 1 billion people at risk to hacks, or virus attacks. The security flaw is found on Java SE 5 build 1.5.0_22-b03, Java SE 6 build 1.6.0_35-b10, and the latest version Java SE 7 build 1.7.0_07-b10,

Tablets, e-Books to supersede use of customary books at Secondary Schools

The advent of new communication devices is progressively intervening numbers of traditional ways at home, in workplaces and in school. More schools around the world are now embracing the latest innovations as part of a newfangled education system. In Ireland, use of tablets and e-books in schools is now being instigated, gradually superseding the use

Hiku Aims To Simplify Shopping With Bar Code Reader

The problem that Hiku looks to eradicate is that of forgetting to buy stuffs when you go out shopping. Haiku is simply a bar-code reader come voice recognition hardware, which will help you remember to buy all things your kitchen needs the next time you go out shopping. This kickstarter project is a small but

Windows Phone 8 Comparison: HTC 8X vs Nokia Lumia 920

For the first time ever Windows Phone is looking better than it has ever been and thanks to some really attractive new Windows phones from Nokia and HTC, Windows Phone 8 is finally ready to take on Android and iOS head on. But speaking about Nokia and HTC the obvious question that arises is, which

Apple iOS 6 maps application errors spotted

Recent reports indicate an alarming issue regarding Apple’s latest iOS 6 maps application, which is said to have an erroneous plotting that could mislead pilots in an attempt to make emergency landings on a farm in Dublin. Ireland’s Minister for Justice Alan Shatter reportedly divulged the issue today and said he has already informed Apple

Eircom, Dublin Airport Authority offer free Wi-Fi, Unlimited Access

Free, Unlimited Wi-Fi access is currently being offered at Dublin Airport following the agreement between Eircom and Dublin Airport Authority. The free Wireless Internet service is now available to all users within the airport’s vicinity without registration. It has been almost a year now since the Eircom WiFiHub service is offered at Dublin Airport and

The New Nokia Lumia 920 , Lumia 820 Launched

Nokia officially launched its new range of Windows Phone 8 devices, the Lumia 920 flagship phone and the Lumia 820, in events that took place in Finland as well as New York city. The events did not have a lot many new things to offer as earlier images and feature leaks had made sure that