Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Reveals Company’s “Mobile” Plan

Yahoo! chief executive officer Marissa Mayer revealed in an interview that she will be encouraging the company to shift their focus to mobile as part of her revitalization plan for the internet giant.

In her first-ever media interview since taking over in Yahoo! last July, focusing to mobile will be a great move for the company, while she will also encourage their employees to utilize mobile systems such as Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, and Microsoft Windows 8. The Yahoo! CEO also interestingly said that she will ask their employees to get rid of Blackberry devices as soon as possible.

Mayer said: “The shift to mobile is a huge opportunity for Yahoo! because we have the content. We have the all the information people want on their phones. We have a terrific set of assets on the Web, they are all the things people want to do on their mobile phone.”

“It is really important that our engineers, our sales people and everyone throughout the whole organization really understand Android, iPhone and Windows 8, really get a sense of what is happening there, and how to participate in that, how to create an amazing experience.”

When asked about why they will ask their employees to ditch off their blackberry devices, Mayer reiterated her previous statement, saying that RIM mobile phones are not considered as smartphones anymore.

While Yahoo! will focus to mobile, Mayer clarified that they will not be making their own applications such as maps to compete with Google and Apple’s map applications. Instead, they will focus on “things people want on their smartphones”.

She said: “It’s very expensive, it’s hard to do well. Apple’s finding that out. So we’re not going to do maps.”

“When you look at what people want to do on their phone, you can read it from top to bottom. It is mail, weather, check stock quotes, check sports scores, watch videos, share photos, and check the news.”