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iPhone Troubleshooting

How to fix software update failed error on your iPhone 11, cannot install OTA update

Installing software updates on your iPhone wirelessly is supposed to be effortless. Nonetheless, there are many factors that can cause conflicts and make the simple process a bit complicated. There are many reasons as to why you won’t be able to update your iPhone wirelessly. Insufficient storage, unreachable server, corrupted update file, and slow internet

How to fix an iPhone 11 Pro Max that is not recognized in iTunes

Apple’s very own data management system, iTunes plays a vital role when it comes to adding new iOS contents and keeping them optimized and organized. To use iTunes with your iPhone, you will need to install it on a compatible computer first. Then you can connect your iPhone using an Apple-supplied USB/Lightning cable to the

How to fix an iPhone 11 that cannot update apps through App Store

Contrary to what most people think of, the App Store isn’t actually free of flaws. Although the platform is constantly monitored and maintained by Apple itself, it isn’t exempted from experiencing random glitches. In fact, you’re likely reading this context because you’re currently dealing with an issue with the App Store on your phone. If