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How to fix iPhone 11 Pro screen flickering issue after updating to iOS 13.2.3

Contrary to what many people thought of display issues like screen flickering being caused by a damaged screen component, software-related factors like iOS bugs can also trigger occurrence of these symptoms. As a matter of fact, display issues including a flickering display have emerged among the post-update issues raised by some iPhone owners after installing

Fixing different types of display issues on an Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Display issues are usually seen in earlier devices among other other symptoms of wear-and-tear. Other relevant symptoms can also occur among new devices mostly due to some random system issues such as firmware crash, erratic apps, malware and system bugs. There are also some display problems that are attributed to memory problems like screen lags

How to deal with poor Wi-Fi reception, weak Wi-Fi signal on an iPhone 11 Pro

A smartphone that’s getting poor Wi-Fi reception or weak Wi-Fi signal is more prone to experience intermittent connection or Wi-Fi drops. It’s definitely an annoying issue and therefore requires prompt solution. Any device can succumb to such problem unexpectedly. And even the new powerful devices like the recently rolled out Apple iPhone 11 series are