iPhone 7 has multiple issues after installing iOS 11.1.2, restarts randomly, other issues

Since last week, there’s a growing number of iPhone owners reporting random reboot issue and similar unexplained erratic behaviors following an update. We know now that this is indeed a firmware coding glitch which Apple has already released a patch for. If you happen to experience sudden random restart issue on or after installing an update on December 2, 2017, be sure to manually check your iPhone for another iOS update to fix it.

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Problem 1: iPhone 7 has multiple issues after installing iOS 11.1.2

Hi. After updating to iOS 11.1.2 during the process, it stayed on white screen with logo for like an hour to come back in. Phone was acting slow on camera and calls. I would answer an incoming call and it will still vibrate and then second counting but they couldn’t hear me and I could not hear either. Facetime would connect, then reconnect and said Failed. Same thing for Facebook video calls and WhatsApp.

Also voice messages would not work. Therefore, I forced restart and didn’t work. I then put it under Recovery mode to update again through iTunes and said couldn’t be updated but restore. I restored and took like 3 hours. Then, phone will remain on white screen all night until next day will turn on as new to back up everything. Calls only worked for the first times, then again will get stuck. I restored it again and took all day to come back in. screen would turn off and back in but remain on white, then it finally turned on but issue still persisted.

I went to Apple and they updated and restored with now 11.2 and it stayed on white screen with logo for now 3 days and hasn’t turned on normal yet. It dies and have to charge it but still on white screen. They said that it should be the hardware and not software. They couldn’t even try the speakers because it  would not turn on. Any solutions? Thanks in advance! — Michelle

Solution: Hi Michelle. Apple acknowledged in this website that there was an iOS hiccup with the software update before iOS 11.2. If the only change that you did was to install an update, your phone must be affected by the coding glitch. At this time, Apple claims that any issue associated with that coding problem prior to iOS 11.2 has already been fixed. If yours remain after doing a factory reset (Restore) and installing iOS 11.2, you must ask Apple for additional support. You need to go back to the Apple store you went to before and tell them that the problem occurred after an update. If the customer service representatives in that store can’t fix the problem at their level, they should help you set up a request to have the phone repaired or replaced.

Problem 2: iPhone 7 Plus shuts down on its own, screen is frozen

My daughter has an iPhone 7 Plus and the phone will shut down (by force). We cannot get to settings or connect to the computer because her screen is frozen, can’t put her phone in none of that. we restarted the phone 6 times and still it is not working. Very aggravating because she has school work with a team and we are unable to have contact with them. last result…take it to the Apple Store in the morning. Also, it’s a pattern with Apple every time a new phone comes out, the old product stops working. I am starting to feel like it’s not worth the money. — Andrea

Solution: Hi Andrea. We’ve been in the troubleshooting business for years now and we can tell you that Apple devices do break every day and not just when there are new released iPhones. While the problem with your daughter’s phone may seem to coincide with the new iPhones 8 and X now, we want to believe that it may be caused by other factors.

As mentioned above, some iPhone owners did encounter random reboot/restart problems on or after a December 2, 2017 iOS update. If your daughter’s phone did update during or after that date, the only fix available to you is by installing the latest update (iOS 11.2) that includes the patch for the bug.

If you can’t update the device normally, try to disable notifications for apps, then attempt to download iOS 11.2 again.

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Tap an app, then turn off Allow Notifications. Repeat this step for each app.
  4. Update your device to iOS 11.2.
  5. After updating, tap Settings > Notifications and turn Allow Notifications on again for each app.

Force restart your iPhone

To address the freezing issue, consider doing a force restart. This is the virtual equivalent of pulling out the battery from the device to turn the phone off. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Continue to hold the Power button and press and hold the Volume down button located on the left side of your iPhone.
  3. Hold both buttons as the iPhone powers off and back on; release both buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Perform a recovery via DFU mode

If you can’t update the phone at all, even with the help of iTunes, the only other available troubleshooting for you is factory reset via DFU Mode.

  1. In your computer, close all active apps.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Turn off your iPhone. If you can’t turn it off normally, let the battery drain to 0% so the phone powers down on its own. Charge the phone for at least an hour without attempting to turn it on.
  4. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.
  5. Press and hold the Power button for at least 3 seconds.
  6. Press and hold the Volume Down button on the left side of the iPhone while continuing to hold the Power button. Be sure to hold both Power and Volume Down keys for 10 seconds. If Apple logo appears at this time, repeat steps 5 and 6. Apple logo should not show at all.
  7. Continue to hold Volume Down key for another 5 seconds. If the Plug into iTunes screen is displayed, repeat steps 5-7. Plug into iTunes screen should not show up.
  8. You’ll know that your phone is in DFU mode if the screen remains black. Your computer should then tell you that iTunes has detected an iPhone.
  9. Follow the on-screen steps in your computer to do a full recovery.

Seek additional support from Apple

If update via DFU mode is unsuccessful, or if you can’t even start to do it due to the phone being unresponsive, you should contact Apple so they can help you further.

Problem 3: iPhone 7 stuck in boot loop, keeps getting error 4013 during restore

My phone is stuck in a loop trying to turn on and it just keeps flashing the Apple logo every 5 seconds or so. I tried to update and restore it when the updating didn’t work by connecting it to itunes on my laptop (I downloaded the latest version of itunes first). I tried restoring a second time but got the same error message “iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)”. Any ideas? — Michael

Solution: Hi Michael. If your phone continues restart on its own after you’ve restored it (instead of updating), these are the other troubleshooting steps that you can try:

  • Ensure that the PC or Mac you’re using runs their latest operating system update. Once you’ve done that, you need to restart the computer. Then, make sure to check for updates again.
  • Attempt another Restore using a different USB cable.
  • Use another computer to restore your iPhone.

If you’ll encounter the same error message/code, let Apple know about it.

Problem 4: iPhone 7 screen is dim

I didn’t drop my phone or get any water damage. I was in the middle of using it,the battery was at 40%. First the screen freezes and then it started to slowly get darker until it went black. I try to restore it and everything but the screen just went from black to dimly lit. It still functions well, I think, because it still receives messages (I was able to check because of the sounds) and today the alarm wake me up. I try to restart the phone using itunes but it doesn’t work. — Geovanna

Solution: Hi Geovanna. Restore, and even DFU Recovery, can only fix software-related problems. If the screen did not improve or return to its normal function after any of them, that’s an obvious sign that you have a hardware malfunction at hand. This means that the screen, for whatever reason, has stopped working properly. Though the usual reasons for screen malfunction include physical impact, water damage, or extreme temperature, it’s also possible that there’s an unknown hardware error in the screen assembly causing the LCD or monitor to dim. Because no software solution can help you fix this problem, be sure to contact Apple for additional support or repair.


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