How To Set Up Parental Control For Your Kids On 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

Parental Controls or sometimes called “restrictions”, allows you to manage applications or features on your iPad Pro so that you can control what your kids can and cannot have accessed to. This features restricts accessed to certain applications, content, privacy settings and even functions such deleting apps. I

In order to do this, the Restriction option must be enabled first in the Settings menu. Aside from enabling the Restriction, creating a passcode is also important to prevent anyone from accessing and reversing parental controls.

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With the iOS 12, the access to restricting contents can be found in the new Screen Time Feature.

1. Open “Settings” from the Home Screen.

2. Select and Tap “Screen Time”.

3. Select and Tap “Turn on Screen Time”.

4. Then Select and Tap ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions”

5. Now, Enter a four-digit parent passcode.

6. Again, re-enter the four-digit parent passcode.

7. Choose what function and feature that you want to restrict and allow.

Once applications, features, and contents are set according to you personal preferences as well as your kids age and usage, you don’t have to worry about them seeing or hearing inappropriate contents and deleting your personal files and sometimes changing the content of your iPad pro. Also, most often than that, most kids nowadays knows how to buy anything on the app store, parental controls prevents that too.

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