How to close apps on iPhone X

When the iPhone X was launched, a number of new iOS gestures are also introduced. And most of these are somehow changing the way people interact with and utilize their iPhones. Among the notable changes Apple crafted on the iPhone X is the App Switcher, which introduced a new way to close apps. The new method is thought to be more cumbersome than the traditional swipe up to close option on iPhones with a Home button. If you just made a switch from Android to iOS, with iPhone X as the first iDevice, then you will likely need this context. Read on to find out how to close an app on your iPhone X in iOS 11 and iOS 12 platforms.

Closing apps on iPhone X in iOS 11

The iPhone X originally comes with iOS 11 as its pre-installed operating system. And that also denotes carrying out the original “tricky” gesture to launch the App Switcher when forcing apps to close. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the App Switcher by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and then pause with your finger in the middle of the screen for a second until all of the app cards/previews appear.
  2. Press a finger on an app until the red minus (-) sign appears in the corner.
  3. Then tap on the minus (-) sign to close the app.

Note that pause is a key and it requires a bit of timing. If you don’t get it right, then there’s a higher chance for you to end up routed back to the Home screen. If you’ve done it correctly, then that’s when the App Switcher appears.

Closing apps on iPhone X in iOS 12

If you recently updated to iOS 12, then here’s the updated way to close apps on the iPhone X running in iOS 12 platform. Compared to iOS 11, to process is made simpler. And here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your iPhone X.
  2. While in an app, swipe up and hold from the bottom of the screen. Doing so will launch the App Switcher containing previews of opened apps (app cards).
  3. When the App Switcher appears, swipe through the different app previews.
  4. Find the app that you want to close.
  5. Then quickly swipe upwards to close that app.

Using this gesture to close out an app is useful when you need to restart an errant application on your iPhone. It’s also another way of refreshing an application.

When you swipe up on an app card in the multitasking view, the phone interprets this as a Home button gesture and therefore it simply minimizes the app and takes you back to the Home screen. On the other hand, swiping down on an app card prompts the app to go into full screen. So to properly close apps from the multitasking screen or App Switcher on the iPhone X running iOS 11, you will need to use the older long-press gesture employed in prior iOS versions 4 through 6.

If you encounter some problems when attempting to close apps on your iPhone X, then feel free to let us know and we’ll be glad to help.