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8 Best 4K Video Converter for Mac in 2020 [Paid & Free]

4K videos are the trend today. In fact, markets have adopted to 8K videos pretty seamlessly with new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 offering 8K video support by default. However, we’re still some distance away from 8K becoming mainstream, so let’s stick to 4K for now. Well, if you’ve ever tried to convert a

8 Best Prepaid SIM Card for USA Travel in 2020

If you’re traveling to the U.S., carrying your non-American SIM card may incur a lot of fees and charges from your carrier. This is why customers are recommended to get a prepaid SIM card well in advance of their USA travel, allowing them to save a ton of money on calls as well as data.

12 Best Monitor for MacBook Pro in 2020

Monitor for MacBook Pro

This is one of the cheapest best monitor for MacBook pro we’ve discussed today, especially considering its size. It’s also slightly cheaper than the LG 43-inch monitor we spoke about above.

What Was the Last iPhone with Physical Home Button?

Period Tracker App for iPhone

While Apple revolutionized the concept of the home button before it became a common fixture among Android phones too. However, the trend has died down over the past few years, with Apple ditching the home button with the iconic iPhone X. This was also the first iPhone to sport an OLED display and replace the

What Was the Last iPhone to Have a Headphone Jack?

Apple has revolutionized the way we listen to music. While things aren’t particularly easy right now, the company started off the music revolution with iTunes and subsequently, the iPod. Today, every iPhone comes with the same promise of the best music performance and a wide array of on-device tools that allow you to tweak your

Are AirPods Pro Waterproof?

Apple recently took the wraps off the AirPods Pro, a significantly upgraded version of the standard AirPods with active noise cancellation as well as easy access to Siri. The company is also including a feature called “Transparency Mode.” This allows users to listen to what’s happening in the background. This can be enabled from your

8 Best eBook Reader App for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Reading books on your smartphone has pretty much transformed the book industry. With almost every publisher having an online presence in the form of¬†eBook Reader App iPhone and iPad, there are a handful of apps and services out there that help you read full books using your iPhone and iPad We’re going to talk about

8 Best Free Mac Cleaner in 2020

There are several apps out there that promise to clean your Mac while scaring you for an instant about the “virus” that’s on your computer. It is always recommended to steer clear of apps and software like this as it could potentially pose a security threat to the contents of your Mac. Keeping this in

8 Best iPhone Tracking Apps in 2020

Best iPhone Tracking Apps

Thanks to modern-day GPS technology, tracking yours or your family’s movements using a mobile device is extremely easy. You can do this either by investing heavily in software that offers comprehensive tracking features or simply choose to do so with a free app on your iPhone. We’re going to discuss the latter option here, in