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5 Best Portable Power Bank Chargers For iPhone SE

The iPhone SE might have some good battery life, but depending on use, it’s very easy to be at the end of your battery life with no power outlet in sight. It’s really unfortunate, particularly when you need your phone for business reasons or to get in contact with family. This is why it’s so

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbals For iPhone SE

Smartphones have brought us a lot of neat technology, with one of the most important easily being the ability to film video and take photos with just a couple of taps. No longer is there much need for disposable cameras or even point and shoot cameras. Pull out your smartphone and take the photo or

5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone SE

One of the beautiful things that smartphones have brought to us is the ability to take pictures and videos in just a couple of taps — no longer do you need point and shoot or disposable cameras to take your photo and video. Now, that does come with a slight con — we take a

5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone 7

Are you running out of storage on your iPhone 7? It seems to happen so easily — after downloading apps and collecting endless amounts of photos and videos, it seems to go away so quickly. Apple gives you the option of expanding that with iCloud Drive, but having to pay for digital storage every year

5 Best Screen Protectors For iPhone 7

We all know just how beautiful the Apple’s iPhone 7 screen is — there’s very few companies that have been able to compete with the detail and clarity packed inside the Retina display. That said, many folks want to keep the display clear and free from scratches, so they choose to put a screen protector

How To Turn Off Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is an extremely great tool that Apple has bundled in all of its hardware products. If you ever lose one of your Apple devices, it’s easy to just open up the Find My iPhone app, put it in Lost Mode, and make it remotely ring so that you can hear and see

How To Block A Number On iPhone X

Are you tired of receiving unwanted phone calls? You could have a friend or family member that you’re tired of calling you. Something could’ve happened between the two of you, but for some reason, they keep calling you, making your life miserable. Or, your phone number has been given to a bevy of marketers who

How To Screenshot On Mac

4K iMac

Taking screenshots can be a great way to show someone what you have been working on, get work done, or even showcases a particularly well-designed home page layout. Screenshots can also be valuable resources when it comes to instructions – as some prefer screenshots to full-on video instructions or more involved slideshows. If you want

5 Best Tablet For The Money In 2019

We all want to get the most bang for our buck in anything we purchase. Not only that, but we don’t want to buy things that aren’t going to last or are known to fail. The same goes for tablets — we want to get the best for our money, but we certainly don’t want

5 Best Popsockets For iPhone In 2019

Have you ever considered putting a Popsocket on your phone? They can be super handy, giving you a better way to watch media, snap pictures, and even get a better overall grip on your iPhone. They work as a great earbud management system as well, and can even double as something to play with when

5 Best HomePod Alternative In 2019

Apple’s HomePod launched to mixed reviews. For some, it’s an excellent device that competes with power players in the market like the Google Home and Amazon Echo lineup. With great sound, it’s able to play music with superb sound quality and overall rich bass. On the downside, it has very few inputs and lackluster music