Apple iTunes Store Sets Record With 25 Billion Songs Sold

Apple iTunes Store 25 Billion SongsApple announced on Wednesday that the iTunes Store set a new record after hitting the 25-billion mark of songs sold over the past ten years.

In a statement posted on their official website, Apple revealed that they finally reached the 25-billion mark when German customer Phillip Luke purchased the song “Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix)” by Chase Buch. For being the downloader of the 25-billionth song in the iTunes Store, Luke will receive a €10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple.

Eddie Cue, the senior vice president of Apple’s Internet Software and Services, expressed gratitude to users who supported iTunes for the past ten years, purchasing and downloading songs through Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods and personal computers and laptops powered by Macintosh and Windows operating system.

Cue said in the Press Release: “We are grateful to our users whose passion for music over the past 10 years has made iTunes the number one music retailer in the world. Averaging over 15,000 songs downloaded per minute, the iTunes Store connects music fans with their favorite artists, including global sensations like Adele and Coldplay and new artists like The Lumineers, on a scale we never imagined possible.”

By jumpstarting the legal digital download business, the iTunes Store provided music artists and independent musicians a unique way to sell their masterpieces aside from releasing tapes, compact disks, and DVDs. It also helped musicians recover from the struggles brought by the rapid growth of file-sharing services, which allowed people to obtain their songs for free via an illegal way.

Wesley Schultz, the lead guitarist and lead vocalist of The Lumineers, said: “In a lot of ways, iTunes has leveled the playing field for musicians. Whether you’re unsigned, indie, major, whatever—it’s the place most people go to buy digital music. iTunes doesn’t exclude any musicians simply because they’re not yet established or popular.”

The iTunes Store was established in 2003 and immediately made waves worldwide. In its first two years, the Store sold more than 500 million songs and reached the one-billion mark a year later. In 2010, Apple announced that users have downloaded more than 10 billion songs, which means that the Store enjoyed a rapid sales improvement over the last three years, selling more than 15 billion songs.

[Source: Apple]