How To Reset Restriction Passcode On iPhone X

There are two kinds of passcodes that are being used for Apple Devices namely: the Device passcode and the Restrictions passcode. Since both basically functions as security measures on your iPhone, they only differ on where each of these passcodes are being used. 

The difference between Device Passcode and Restriction Passcode is that the former is used primarily to unlock your iPhone X devices or any other Apple products, preventing unauthorized access on the device. Ideally, you will input this passcode on the lockscreen of your iPhone although another way to access your iPhone X is via Face ID. On the other hand, Restriction passcode is basically used to prevent making unauthorized changes on the Restrictions settings. This is very useful when you have kids at home preventing them from accessing and making unnecessary changes to the settings. Both passcode can be set up separately, meaning you can use a different passcode for each feature.

400;”>Enabling Restriction Passcode on your iPhone X is a very useful but not until you have forgotten what your passcode was. This is a very frustrating experience as you can no longer access Restriction Settings on your iPhone if you want to either change settings or perhaps disable a certain feature. Fortunately, Apple allows you to reset your Restrictions passcode to solve the problem. Read on below to find out how. 

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Unfortunately, the only way to Reset Restriction Passcode Apple iPhone X is by Restoring your iPhone to Factory Settings. If gaining access to parental controls if of importance, then Restoring it to Factory Settings can actually help reset Restriction Passcode. There are three different methods on how to erase your iPhone X to reset Restriction Passcode, these are using your iPhone, by using iCloud and by using Recovery mode.

A very important reminder, make sure to back up all of your data and content on your iPhone before restoring it to factory settings. Erasing your phone deletes everything in it and without a back up you won’t be able to restore back the data’s lost.

Erase the iPhone X to factory settings using iPhone:

  1. Tap on Settings from the home screen of your iPhone
  2. Next tap on General
  3. Then scroll down from the list of options and tap on Reset.
  4. Tap on Erase All Contents and Settings

Erase iPhone using iCLoud: you can use iCloud to erase and restore your iPhone to its factory settings. This is usually the method used when you don’t have access to your phone physically. Same is true when your phone is lost or is stolen, you can remotely erase it through iCloud.

  1. First, go to the iCloud website. 
  2. Login using your Apple ID. The same Apple ID being used on the iPhone that you want to delete.
  3. Now, click on Find iPhone
  4. At the top of Find iPhone, click on All Devices tab
  5. Select which device you want to erase
  6. Then Click on Erase. Follow the on-screen instructions

Erase iPhone using Recovery mode: This is supposed to be a last resort to try and erase your iPhone or any troubleshooting options. 

  1. Connect iPhone to your computer with iTunes installed.
  2. Press Volume Up Button, located at the left side of the iPhone.
  3. Next, press Volume Down button, located just below the Volume Up button
  4. Then, press and hold Sleep/Wake button, iPhone will reboot
  5. iTunes recovery will now appear. 
  6. iPhone is now on Recovery (DFU) mode.
  7. A pop-up window appears with options such as Update or Restore.
  8. Click on Restore

After erasing iPhone, you need to set up your iPhone again and set Restriction passcode on Restriction Settings making sure to remember the code this time around so that you no longer need to restore the iPhone to its factory settings. 

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